Valentina Harris

Valentina Harris

With a heritage like Valentina’s, it is no wonder she is such a well-respected authority on Italian food and food culture.

Tracing her family back to 1369 through the illustrious Sforza dynasty, Valentina is the youngest member of a large Anglo-Italian family of gourmets. Educated in Italy, Valentina brought her qualifications for teaching and cooking from Rome to London in 1976, where she built her reputation primarily as a private chef until the publication of her first award-winning cookery book in 1984 – ‘Perfect Pasta’.

The award-winning author of over 40 books on Italian food, Valentina is a well-known celebrity chef and an experienced and enthusiastic teacher at a number of schools including Divertimenti and Caldesi in London and Bertinet in Bath, sharing her food philosophy of seasonal local produce served with minimum fuss and maximum care.

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