Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders is a motivational keynote speaker and training consultant with a 25 year track record of experience. He’s been lucky enough to have a career doing what he loves – helping many, many people enjoy what they do a little more by giving them the tools to make their working lives (and home lives) more productive and gratifying.

This includes helping improve relationships in all sorts of organisations, in all sorts of industries, in all sorts of countries – including the corporate/business sector, many charities and not-for profit organisations and in education (from numerous primary schools to Oxford University).

Type Of Speaker


“Thank you so much Nick. Awesome speech. Feedback is fantastically positive.”

– James Hughes – Global Head of Infrastructure, Schroders

“What a brilliant keynote conference speech from Nick who has a fabulous, inspiring style and really makes you think about how your behaviour influences others”

– Jane McGill – British Airways

“The best speaker I’ve heard”

– Christine Kavados – BUPA

“The team were literally buzzing after your speech. We have taken lots to keep ‘live’ going forward”

– Suzanne Grainger – Resourcing Director, BP

“Fantastic, clear, enthusiastic”

– Jo Mears – DHL

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