Lauren Windle

Lauren Windle

Lauren Windle is a journalist, author and public speaker specialising in addictions.

Working as an events and marketing executive the City in her early 20s, Lauren developed a cocaine habit that quickly spiralled into an addiction. At her lowest she was experiencing numbness in her fingers and toes, regular nose bleeds and a rather off-putting facial twitch.

After a few years of struggling to overcome her compulsive habits her friends and family intervened and insisted she attend a support group.

Type Of Speaker


“Ever come across someone who has the ability to capture what you thought you knew, but couldn’t quite communicate? Enter Lauren Windle. Bold, funny and deeply engaging, Lauren has a gift for unlocking your thoughts and igniting conversations. So glad we booked her.”

Hugh Chichester, Co-ordinator of Shift Festival

“We thought Lauren was fabulous. There was such a positive vibe during and after the talk. She shared so freely and ably. Lauren has a great gift, added to which her research, scientific knowledge and personal experience gives her an enormous amount of relevant information to share with people, something she does so well. We feel really fortunate to have had her speak to us.”

Dave Bryson, Downside School

“Lauren’s incredible honesty, vulnerability, wisdom and humour is a winning combination and everyone was still talking about it months after the event. She is an excellent speaker, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Rosie Tenant, St Paul’s Hammersmith

“I can highly recommend Lauren as a speaker. She is exceptionally easy to listen to, engaging and has an extraordinary powerful personal story to share. She has a beautiful, fun personality which comes out when she speaks.

Everyone who heard her here in Hastings, found her inspiring and were filled with a sense of hope and positivity with regards to getting free from addiction. I cannot recommend her enough!!”

Sarah Larkin, Holy Trinity Hastings

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