Laura Kennington

Laura Kennington

Having quite literally leapt out of her comfort zone a few years ago whilst cliff-diving in America, British adventure athlete Laura Kennington, now enthusiastically encourage others through her engaging public talks to think big, be brave and to start now.

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“Listening to Laura Kennington speak is good for your soul”

– Rima Patel, Co-Organiser of Yes Stories: A Night of Inspiration

“You were the best guest speaker we’ve had! Your talk was very inspiring and engaged so many people. I had many members of staff come up to me to say how interesting your story was.”

– Emma Belsey, Communications & Events Organiser, The Folkestone Academy

“Laura’s engaging and intriguing story of her adventures was brilliant. It elicited some great questions around storytelling and her approach to overcoming adversity. It was a pleasure to have her speak at Startup Storytelling. ”

– Fiona Quinn, Event Organiser

“Laura was the guest speaker at our annual awards ceremony. Her words were really inspiring, in challenging our students to not settle for the conventional, and encouraging them to forge their own path. She even received a hug from one of our parents who was equally moved!”

– Mr Warren Smith, Head Teacher, The Folkestone Academy

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