Col Tim Collins OBE

Col Tim Collins OBE

Tim took command of the First Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment in the immediate aftermath of its devastating experience during the hostage crisis in Sierra Leone.

The battalion has combated the Loyalist murder gangs in East Tyrone, held the line between two communities during the Holy Cross dispute in Belfast and survived ambush in the deserts of Iraq.

Tim caught the world’s attention with his address to his troops on the eve of the Iraqi invasion in 2003.

His speech was an inspiration to world leaders and infantrymen alike and provided a suspicious and confused public with some explanation for the controversial war and marked him out as thinker as well as a leader of men.

Type Of Speaker


Tim Collins filled every seat in the room. He was funny and the delegates were amazed with his story. He stayed for a book signing and had a queue all the way through the exhibition hall.


Excellent feedback across the board even from the most difficult to please of the partners.


Tim was a great success… very good, we really enjoyed him. He was inspiring, funny and practical about what works in terms of getting people committed…;It’s good to see someone who has done extremely well in their own area and to hear what they have learned from their experience.


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