Catherine Capon

Catherine Capon

Catherine Capon is a British Naturalist and Environmental Activist who is passionate about Responsible Ecotourism.

She is keen to encourage holidaymakers to visit wildlife hotspots during their trips abroad; rather than fighting for a sunbed at a 5-star, all-inclusive resort.

Having always been bewitched by wildlife, Catherine studied ecology and zoology at Imperial College London being fascinated by the theories but yearned to see these exotic creatures in their environment. Her first wildlife expedition was to study bats in Honduras.

Shes slept in a hammock and waved goodbye to all the ‘necessities’ that she’d become accustomed to living in London, learning to live a very simple life in that cloud forest. It was here that she experienced her first moment of pure awe – sitting on a smooth rock in the centre of a clear stream with the midnight forest singing around her.

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