Nick Williams

Nick Williams Inspirational Leader Self Development at Great British Speakers

Leading to inspire the best in your people.

How to draw the best from yourself and others.

A key element of leadership today is not how to control or manipulate people, but to inspire them and develop your ability to draw the best out of yourself and others. Too often, part of our job is to motivate others to be their best, and this is much easier to do when we are a living example and have already figured out to draw the best out of ourselves. We then know what it takes.

In this practical, fascinating and inspiring talk, Nick shares his over thirty-year experience of working with leaders and Self-leadership to help you understand how you draw the best put out of yourself, your strengths and gifts and talents. He then shares how you can use your best too draw the best of our others.

What you will learn from Nick’s presentation:

• How to learn to inspire, liberate and draw the best out of ourselves

• How to deal with the inevitable fear and resistance we will inevitably encounter

• How to understand the power and value of vulnerability in yourself

• How to then inspire the best in others

• The differences between inspiration and motivation and when to use both

• How to recognize and handle other people’s resistance

• How to encourage and celebrate talent rather than use control

• The amazing things that can happen as a result of drawing out the best in yourself and others

Since Nick left his corporate job to follow his calling, he has immersed himself in the world of 'thought leadership' initially in the areas of personal and spiritual growth, creative expression and inspired business and leadership. Through his involvement with Alternatives at Saint James’s in Piccadilly where he got to meet and host many of the leading voices on the planet. He then began to find his own voice and his own thought leadership through his own speaking, coaching and ultimately writing.

All his own 'thought leadership' has been born out of personal experience, struggles and triumphs about how he liberated his own best gifts and talents. He has pioneered in offering thought leadership in the key areas of work, success, power, inspiration, creativity, entrepreneurship, fear and now leadership, he has written about what he's found has worked and not worked.

Each of his 14 books has been offering his contribution to thought leadership in these areas. Some of the key leadership thoughts are illustrated with each book:

1999 - The Work We Were Born To Do

2001 - Unconditional Success

2002 – The 12 Principle of The Work We Were Born To Do

2003 - Powerful Beyond Measure

2005 - How To Be Inspired

2009 - Passions into Profits

2010 - The Business You Were Born To Create

2011 - Resisting Your Soul

2012 - The Book You Were Born To Write

2014/5 – Pivotal moments – Volumes 1,2,3, and 4 – Key thoughts and aphorisms on Inspiration, Resistance, Callings and Leadership

2015 – Pivotal Moments

2018 - The Leader You Were Born To Be – published end of 2018


Nick has given hundreds of talks around the world, in seventeen countries, to varied and diverse groups including corporate and entrepreneurial, spiritual and inspiring audiences. His messages speak to the universal desire we each have to discover what we are on earth for, to lead ourselves to what we were born to do, who we were born to be and to fulfil our potential and then act as an inspiration to others. He speaks about self-leadership and the leadership of others.

Key thoughts and aphorisms from the Leader You Were Born – Love Your Leadership

Thought leaders inspire rather than demand change in us

If even a fraction of the untapped leadership potential of everyone currently on the planet were unwrapped, we would be living in a very different world.

Great big, innovative, world changing ideas are plentiful. People who take tiny little baby steps toward them are rare. They are the leaders

Leadership isn’t just about manipulating people to achieve a goal, but is about advancing a vision

Many people show up at the workplace with a degree of vulnerability and worry about whether they give their best. Leadership is acknowledging that and creating a workplace where it is safe to shine

One of the most valuable resources today is inspirational leadership. The capacity to be inspired and inspiring is essential for success today. It is quality that is most likely to engage and draw out the best within you and the people you care for. The ability to be both inspired and inspiring, at least some of the time, is a key leadership quality.

Leading with inspiration is not just about having a position of power, you don’t need to be voted for, anointed or appointed to lead. It is the choice to show up, to not give in to our fears, to be generous, to be creative, to share what is meaningful to us. We can all lead with inspiration in any and every moment we choose to.

Clients that have invited Nick to work with them so far

He has been invited to give talks in seventeen countries around the world, for public and entrepreneurial audiences, and also for dozens of companies including BT, Johnson & Johnson, The Institute of Leadership and Management, BAE, IKEA, BBC, Yahoo, Just Eat, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fosters, Mastercard, Deloitte Touche, W H Smith, The Met Police, McKinsey, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Health and Safety Executive, The Global Leaders Academy, Yo! Sushi and Merrill Lynch.

He has also participated in over 2,000 media features and interviews so far.

Nick Williams Inspirational Leadership Speaker at Great British Speakers

What the clients say:

“I think you’re a great enabler, you encourage people to believe in themselves to the point at which they believe their dreams are possible. I remember one of your quotes and say it to myself often, “There are greater forces at work than market forces”. Oh, so true. You lead people to a place where they can see the limitations they believed were in place in their lives were nothing more than illusions of their own creation and that the real truth is that there are endless opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life.”

Liz Trubridge, the executive producer of Downton Abbey

“Nick presented ILM’s most successful Leadership Masterclass to date, ‘Unleash your inner brilliance’. We normally attract around 20 people per Masterclass but for Nick’s event we had 75! Nick tackled that part of individuals that much of the leadership literature doesn’t; the inner self and spark that lies in all of us. He goes right to the heart of what makes people tick – showing individuals how they can unlock their passion, tap into their leadership skills and become more successful. On top of that Nick is lovely to work with – he’s a high quality professional with a big heart and tonnes of insight to boot.”

Helen Oldfield, Head of Marketing, the Institute of Leadership & Management

“Nick Williams offers useful and inspiring insights to explore the infinite possibilities inherent in every human being.”

Deepak Chopra, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success many other books

“I have known Nick for several years now as a writer, guide, mentor and presenter. His inspirational messages and real wisdom about life and love are valued by everyone he touches. He is compassionate and challenging with equal balance; a powerful combination in the mentoring world. Nick certainly is a force majeure in this world and is truly making a difference in the lives of many people.”

Sue Cheshire, founder of The Global Leaders Academy

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