Brexit - 'Mastermind' groups to address uncertainty with John Hotowka, Vlog 4 of 5

When we're faced with uncertainty, such as the period we're currently going through with Brexit negotiations, a positive way forward is always welcome.That's why we asked our #1 Achievement Thinking expert speaker JOHN HOTOWKA to give us some takeaway useful tips on how to overcome uncertainty.This is the Vlog 4/5,…

Is moaning making you miserable!?

Sometimes it's not the news that makes us miserable - we do it to ourselves...   In the latest of Paul's brilliant VLOGS- he has two big tips for you on how to moan, but without becoming miserable!

Remotely Speaking at Great British Speakers VLOG six of eight - Can Remotely Speaking be made bespoke?

Remotely Speaking - perfect for branding and customising of your message. Remotely Speaking from Great British Speakers allows any of our speakers to connect with your audience directly into your event, It's fully interactive and comparable to having them in the same room. Here technical director Paul explains that Remotely…

Brexit 'Can Do' mindset using Social Media with John Hotowka, Vlog 3 of 5

Challenges and uncertainty around Brexit concerns many of us. Having a 'Can do' attitude to work and our personal life is a great antidote to any kind of adversity in life. But how do we translate a 'Can Do' attitude into ongoing practical actions that benefit us and those around us? At Great British Speakers we asked our Achievement Thinking expert Speaker JOHN HOTOWKA to create 5 Vlogs covering all aspects of Brexit challenges. In this 3rd one he talks about how the creative and positive use of social media can help... To hear him inspire and motivate your team…

Don't Pitch Too Early - Top tips from Grant at Great British Speakers

Is selling making you unwell? If you're unwell and your doctor prescribed big yellow tablets, most of us would take them.In this Vlog, sales expert Grant Leboff asks; But what if your doctor was on commission for those big yellow tablets, would you still feel the same way? That's the…

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