How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Voiceover Artist for a Corporate Video?

11th Jul 2022

With over a decade as a professional voiceover artist, Jenny is often booked for corporate video reads and chosen for her authentic Lancashire / Manchester accent and conversational Northern tone.

But, what does it cost to hire a professional voiceover artist like Jenny, to record a corporate voiceover?

Well, the starting point is the Basic Studio Fee (or BSF). To put it simply, this is the rate a voiceover artist charges for the hire of their home studio for an approx 3-min corporate, equivalent to approx 1-hour of studio time. And to do this, you can expect to pay anywhere between £200 – £500 (inc. internal usage).

and then we need to negotiate usage – and this is where it can get slightly tricky. As Jenny states…

I understand it can be confusing, but it’s how us Voiceovers make a living. It’s what we’re legally entitled to if the corporate video is for broadcast purposes and in the public domain.

In short, the amount of eyes and ears that can potentially land on the corporate video you commission me for. The more eyes and ears, the higher the usage fee. It may come as a surprise to learn that unless a full buy-out/in perpetuity rate is agreed, even if the end client owns the copyright to the script itself, they don’t actually own the rights to the voice recordings. When you pay a usage fee, you’re buying a licence to USE a voice for your corporate video, across agreed platforms, for an agreed amount of time in an agreed geographical location or locations.

Jenny M.
That is simply why voiceover artists should not be expected to work to in-perpetuity buy-outs, as Jenny continues…

A full buy-out in perpetuity agreement or a flat fee is like Pepsi approaching Beyonce to use one of her songs in their Summer advertising campaign and then continuing to use it across any platform, globally, forever. If it’s an all-rights in perpetuity agreement, then there’s nothing stopping Pepsi from really going to town and adding some S-Club 7 backing vocals and a Westlife key change. ”

However, Jenny (and other voiceover artists would agree) that in-perpetuity can be agreed upon on certain occasions, for example, if the VO is for an online explainer video with no commercial usage, or if it’s for a small/local business where the viewership is likely to be small.

Yet, if you really wish to secure in-perpetuity usage rights, then be aware that this will cost you a lot more because you are waiving the usage rights on the artist’s intellectual property and potentially preventing them from voicing for a similar brand/competing company in the future – so the rate has to be worth the risk!

Instead, Jenny suggests opting for a longer licence;

A corporate explainer video like this will no doubt be irrelevant after 12 to 18 months. A 2 – 5 year licence fee should more than cover it and will cost you much less than a full buy-out in perpetuity fee.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to hire a professional voiceover for your corporate video, then it’s important to remember that it’s not just the artist’s time you’re paying for, but the usage too.
How to budget for voice overs at Great British Voices
For more info on budgeting for your voiceover project Click Here.
But by hiring a professional voiceover artist with us at Great British Voices, we can help you to acquire the usage you’re after at the right price. Make an Enquiry.

Why Hire a Voiceover at Great British Voices?

As a voiceover bureau (not an agency) at Great British Voices, we do have a bit of flexibility when it comes to rates and always take our client’s budgets into consideration, but at the same time, we never wish to undermine the industry nor our artists by accepting low fees. Therefore we always set our rates in line with the UK rate guide, created by the wonderful team at Gravy for the Brain.

We work on the principle that ”all rates are negotiable” but for us to work to these terms, our clients have to offer us full transparency also. So, providing that there’s no ambiguity on what the job involves and usage required, we’re always happy to negotiate to find you the best rate possible.

Here’s what can you expect if you hire a voiceover artist at Great British Voices;

1. We have over 300 professional British voiceover artists on our books – adults and kids – so no matter what age or accent you’re after, we can deliver and provide customised shortlists and custom demos on request.

2. All of our artists have professional home studio facilities – so no travel restraints or logistically issues to worry about.

3. All of our artists can clean/edit audio to a high standard.

4. Dial-in can be arranged as standard, so you can direct the artist as they record your script.

5. Turnaround time is often between 24-48 hours from receipt of script.

6. We are a small team of 4, so you know you’ll be getting a truly personal service when working with us.

7. We have worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands and have many repeat clients.

8. Wish to book a recognisable voice? We also work alongside a number of high profile Celebrities available for voiceover.

9. We work to fair negotiable rates that does not underpay our artists or undermine the industry.

10. And despite our British branding, we also work alongside an amazing selection of international voiceover artists too, just let us know what language you require.

Make an Enquiry

If you’d like to book Jenny or any of our other voiceover artists for your next corporate project then please do get in touch with your brief and Alex – our Great British Voices bookings co-ordinator, who will be able to assist you. Email or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the Great British Talent team.

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