Get a New Year Health Kick with our Top 10 ‘Food & Fitness’ Speakers

8th Jan 2021

We all know the feeling, Christmas is over and you’ve had one mince pie too many, and now you feel like it’s time for a bit of a health-kick.

And you’re not alone, this January thousands of us will make resolutions to become healthier. So whether you’re interested in taking part in one of the big events like ‘Veganuary’ or ‘Dry January’ – or simply wish to boost your own general health and fitness, our culinary speakers could help with motivational health tips, team-building exercises, or perhaps even a cooking-demo?

And if you’re an employer looking to boost employee wellness, or you run a health business and wish to engage with more clients and run more health-based events this year, then booking one of our health and fitness speakers could be the answer.

At Great British Speakers, we’ve popped together a selection our Top 10 ‘Health’ Speakers for boosting your wellness in 2021.

Alex Staniforth is an adventurer who is no stranger to adversity. While battling his own mental health issues, Alex took to the outdoors and now encourages others to do the same. He is now a founding director of Mind Over Mountains, a charity to restore mental well-being and resilience through outdoor experiences.

Alex Staniforth - Everest climber inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers
Alex Staniforth completes the National Three Peaks Challenge

At age 2, Lauren Vaknine was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and by 18 she was wheelchair-bound and riddled from head to toe with the debilitation condition. It was only later in her life that Lauren realised the only way to get better was to take her health into her own hands, so she set about learning everything she could about the body and how to heal naturally from the root cause. It worked – and she went into remission.

Lauren Vaknine Reveal Magazine from Great British Speakers
Lauren Vaknine’s Wellbeing Guide… | Great British Speakers

What are we really putting into our bodies? Well Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped journalist Kate Quilton could provide the answer. In 2017, Kate also filmed the feature-length documentary World’s Best Diet (channel 4), investigating where in the world you can find the healthiest diet, so if you’re after a presenter with background in food and health, Kate is a great choice!


Having a good mental mindset is also about eating well too – Pixie Turner AKA ‘Plant Based Pixie’ is a registered nutritionist (RNutr) and science communicator. She graduated with a First Class degree in Biochemistry, and went on to complete a Masters in Nutrition with Distinction. She is the brains behind the ‘Pixie Nutrition’ which aims to encourage a healthy relationship with food and debunk nutrition misinformation online.


A well-known face on the foodie festival scene, TV-chef Dean Edwards is the author of three cookbooks Cook Slow, Mincespiration and most recently released Feel-Good Family Food. Dean’s aim to help get everyone cooking well, with budget-friendly, nutritious foods.

Deans Edwards cookbooks at Great British Speakers

Dean is also highly popular with our cruise ship clients having been re-booked many times travelling around the world, creating compelling cookery demos and chats for guests.

It may not be the healthiest on the menu, but get inspired by Dean’s gorgeous Apple Tart cook-a-long below;

A legendary female British Olympian who really does need no introduction! Dame Kelly Holmes Founded the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust in 2018 with a vision to get young lives back on track and healthy, using the unique skills of world-class athletes.

If you’re looking to boost body and mind this winter, Dame Kelly provides practical advice and an inspirational vision for achieving ambitions in both the professional and personal worlds leading to overall wellness.

Dame Kelly Holmes motivational inspirational athlete mental health wellness speaker expert at Great British Speakers

Diane ‘Jet’ Youdale first reached National and International profile in the 90’s as her role as ‘Jet’ on the original ITV hit show Gladiators. Nowadays, Diane holds a Holistic Lifestyle Coach certification and is a CHEK Exercise coach, with a particular focus in the precise field of postural analysis, corrective exercise and lower back health as well as metabolic typing, nutritional deficiencies and advanced dietary requirements.

And if one Gladiator wasn’t enough, we also have Dr Zoe Williams. Zoe has since graduated from Medical school and specialises in preventative medicine and sports medicine. She is the clinical lead of the Public Health England’s GP clinical champion network and currently practices as an NHS GP’s in London. She is also a resident doctor on This Morning (ITV).

Lauren Windle is a journalist, author and public speaker specialising in addictions. Working as an events and marketing executive the City in her early 20s, Lauren developed a cocaine habit that quickly spiralled into an addiction.

In 2014, Lauren got clean and sober and started to put her life back together.  She now, runs a recovery course for others who also struggle with unmanageable behaviours. The Recovery Course, run from St Dionis Church in Parson’s Green has seen many people recover from addictions to substances, food, gambling, sex, pornography and co-dependency, among others.

Lauren Windle Recovered addict TEDx Keynote Speaker addictions at Great British Speakers

Tv Chef and author James Wong’s provides a few ridiculously easy tips to dramatically improve the nutritional value of everything you eat from fruit and veg to carbs and coffee, thanks to the miracle of kitchen chemistry – the perfect way to optimise your health this year with a few neat tricks!

James is a unique blend of explorer, anthropologist, gardener, and ethnobotanical adventurer. His passion brings a new sense of life to old ways of cooking, and his sense of adventure is infectious.

If Covid-restrictions are preventing you from making any event plans this year, then remember that most of our speakers and hosts are available for virtual bookings too!

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