Lliana Bird

Lliana Bird Science music culture broadcaster at Great British Speakers

Lliana Bird presentsthe afternoon show on Radio X on a weekend (across London, Manchester and on DAB radio) where she has honed her individual style and gained a loyal following with her quirky features such as 'Kids Review Music' (interactive new music reviews with children) and 'The Colour of Music' (an exploration into the relationship between colours and sounds).

Prior to her current radio show at Radio X (formerly XFM), Lliana has also been a host and contributor at BBC Radio, Virgin Radio, Capital FM, Sky News and Life FM.

During her time at Radio X Lliana has proved herself to be a skilled live and self-produced presenter, indulging her passion for music, interviewing everyone from Iggy Pop and Guns N Roses to Arctic Monkeys and Noel Gallagher, recording video footage from festivals for the station’s website, and more.

She also presents a weekly podcast Geek Chic's Weird Science (voted iTunes Best of 2014 podcasts) alongside neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis, exploring the quirkiest and coolest science stories of the week, covering everything from invisibility cloaks and teleportation to black magic and the science of love. Lliana herself holds a strong interest in science and the mind – she has a 1st Class Hons Bachelor of Science degree in Experimental Psychology. She is fascinated by human behaviour, the psychology of love and attachment, evolutionary psychology, and the psychology of music.

Lliana has established herself as a diverse and eclectic presenter, heading up a number of music, culture, science and natural history shows for radio and TV. Not only is she a skilled live presenter, Lliana also produces and writes her own programmes and documentaries and writes regularly for The Huffington Post.

She also continues to nurture her passion for science and the natural world. In 2013 ZSL London Zoo filmed a 6-part series with Lliana which followed her journey as a volunteer zookeeper, which was promoted on ZSL's website, YouTube and on Radio X (then XFM).

She also filmed two TV pilots in 2013: the first as co-presenter and resident psychology expert for psychology show 'Know Your Own Mind', and the second a cultural show - a piece on Robots and their ability to create art.

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