Laura Kennington

Laura Kennington at Great British Speakers

Laura is British adventure athlete with a passion for the endurance capability of the human body.

Growing up as the only female sibling on a farm in Suffolk meant that Laura discovered adventure at an early age by embracing muddy countryside exploration with the beloved family dog, Hobo, a White Alsation.

Years later whilst living in London, she gained a unique insight into sports science and how the human body copes under physical stress whilst working within the fitness industry. This lead to her curiously exploring the limits of her own body – she hasn’t looked back since!

Previous adventures include solo kayaking in Russia, solo cycling all 2600km of the world’s longest coastal route in Ireland and circumnavigating three of the Channel Islands using three different sporting disciplines as part of a rather extreme triathlon.

Laura Kennington inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

A strong believer in the positive impact that adventure and sport can have on people of all ages, Laura uses her human-powered journeys as a platform to inspire and encourage others. A proud ambassador for Sports England’s 'This Girl Can' campaign, she works hard to encourage female participation in athletics. In between adventures, she regularly leads community fitness and personal development events.

Here you can see a short film about one of Laura's recent adventures - a 100 mile run the length of Fuerteventura in only 4 days.

 "I think I was about 15 when I first heard Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. A song I loved so much that I listened to it on repeat as I dreamt of all the travel to come and to this day, my Skype handle is “lauraborntorun”.
Ironically, I actually hated running. In fact, it was the only sport I actively detested. It would be over a decade later when I would be introduced to the book Born to Run written by Christopher McDougall and it would take me even longer to “get” running.  I love endurance sports for exactly this reason – the mixture of physical effort and travel to new places.
I wanted a challenge I could squeeze in to a week and, as you might be aware, I’m rather fond of islands. Amidst research, to my absolute delight, I discovered that Fuerteventura translates (according to Wikipedia...) to “great adventure”. PERFECT!  Following long distance walking trail the GR131, we ran the length of Fuerteventura - 100 miles - in 4 consecutive days!"


Having quite literally leapt out of her comfort zone a few years ago whilst cliff-diving in America, Laura now enthusiastically encourage others through her engaging public talks to think big, be brave and to start now.

Her energetic and charismatic talks are about the importance of mindset when it comes to challenges of any kind. From the planning and logistics that go on behind the scenes to the endurance capability of the human body and how to deal with the unexpected! In a field where the mindset is everything, Laura has spent years forging the mental discipline needed to succeed and is driven by helping others to unleash their own incredible potential.

Laura has been inspiring both adults and children alike for years and is able to tailor her talks to your requirements and to your audience. Topics include motivation, endurance performance, confidence, the power of mindset, nutrition, failure as a stepping stone to growth, adventure and how to make the most out of everyday living.

Here Laura appears at 'Yestival' and inspirational event held only recently.


What the Audiences Say:

“Listening to Laura Kennington speak is good for your soul”

Rima Patel, Co-Organiser of Yes Stories: A Night of Inspiration

“You were the best guest speaker we’ve had! Your talk was very inspiring and engaged so many people. I had many members of staff come up to me to say how interesting your story was.”

Emma Belsey, Communications & Events Organiser, The Folkestone Academy

“Laura’s engaging and intriguing story of her adventures was brilliant. It elicited some great questions around storytelling and her approach to overcoming adversity. It was a pleasure to have her speak at Startup Storytelling. ”

Fiona Quinn, Event Organiser

"Laura was the guest speaker at our annual awards ceremony. Her words were really inspiring, in challenging our students to not settle for the conventional, and encouraging them to forge their own path. She even received a hug from one of our parents who was equally moved!"

Mr Warren Smith, Head Teacher, The Folkestone Academy

"A lovely and refreshing start to our sports day. The pitch to the different age groups was just right and really set the scene for the day".

Jane Tosetti, PA to Headmaster, Newland House School

"Laura’s main message to us was to always persevere when times become tough. Also to do what you love, not always what makes the most money. She encouraged us fight for what we believed in... Overall, the speech was very inspiring and made us realise that you can do anything you set your mind to."

Student, Lingfield Notre Dame School

“The talk was really inspirational and motivational. I thought Laura was amazing!”

Bethany S, student at Springwood High School

Get inspired by Laura - to book call Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289

3 different Islands, 3 different disciplines - Here's Lauras very own 'Triathlon' she dreamnt up to challenge herself to the limit....

"I have always loved the water and in the interest of finding new ways of testing my limits, I thought it could be fun to take on a swimming challenge. With this in mind, I found myself looking at stretches of open water in the UK that I might be able to involve somehow and I was simultaneously looking at Islands I could possibly circumnavigate in my kayak. Whilst researching both of these options, I couldn’t help but notice how close together 3 of the Channel Islands are... I mean, why circumnavigate 1 island when you can circumnavigate 3, right? The Channel Islands Triathlon was born. I should also mention this was my first ever triathlon!"

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