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John Hotowka

John Hotowka at Great British Speakers

John Hotowka is a keynote speaker who’ll give you and your people insights and simple, practical tools to achieve more with less, build resilience and manage change to improve your bottom line... even in hard times.

He’ll empower you and your teams to be more motivated, resourceful and resilient... even when you and they don’t feel like it. You’ll also laugh while you learn and be inspired to take action.

John was awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence - the highest accolade achievable in professional speaking in the UK.

He is also a member of the Magic Circle and has been entertaining and speaking to corporate audiences, full time, since 1989.
John Hotowka’s ’Achievement Thinking’ methodology teaches how any individual person, team or organisation can develop the mind-set of an achiever, ready to take on any challenge and achieve their goals.

Using laugh out loud humour and the metaphor of magic to engage and inspire action. John highlights the lessons learnt since 1989, overcoming obstacles, doubt and failure and shows you how to develop the mind-set of an achiever, whatever challenges you may face.

John Hotowka Achievement Thinking inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers 2017


John applies his Achievement Thinking insights, techniques and tools, to:

Building Resilience, Managing Change, Increasing Sales, Leadership, & Achieving A Goal

See his showreel below and ask how John can tailor his positive message to your event by calling Jane Fanrham at Great British Speakers on 01753 439 289

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