Steve Denison

Steve Denison

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 16:04

Mounia Berrada-Gouzi

Mounia Multilingual host moderator English German French Spanish at Great British Speakers

Mounia is an experienced multilingual presenter, event host & personal coach, being expert at engaging people in an authentic, creative and powerful way.

Mounia speaks Native English and German, fluent French and Spanish and basic Arabic

She hosts & facilitates inspiring, memorable live events, exhibitions & conferences that speak to people’s hearts and minds that makes your business and brand stand out from the crowd. Through her professional yet charismatic and elegant style of communication, she will make your audience feel at ease in a very natural way.

With over 6 years of experience in the events' services industry representing global brands, Mounia genuinely loves connecting people and ideas

Event formats:

Business Conferences, Trade Shows/Exhibitions, Workshops, Business Summits/Forums, Panel Interviews/Discussions, Product Launches, Award Ceremonies/Events

Specialist Industry sectors:

Digitalization, New Technologies, Health Tech, Future of Work / HR, Entrepreneurship and  Women in Leadership


Smartfrog, Huawei, Blockshow, Jonnie Walker, CeBit and Philips.

See Mounia presenting for Smartfrog in English:

See highlights of Mouina moderating at various European events:

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 09:21


Carol Smillie property presenting legend at Great British Speakers

The lovely Carol Smillie has been hosting the hotel awards for the World's leading travel company in London this week.

Multiple award-winning broadcaster Carol has a huge amount of experience in the travel industry making her the natural choice for the client.

They were moved to say:


It was a challenging day with late scripts and a rehearsal with tech issues. She was a true professional and lovely to work with.

Please can you extend our thanks again? The clients were thrilled too!

Zoe - Event Director

Carol is available worldwide for live events hosting and also video TV work through our sister site GREAT BRITISH PRESENTERS

To book Carol contact Jane Farnham on 0044 1753 439 289 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See Carol speaking below. 

Monday, 12 November 2018 15:21

Glenn's Remembrance Sunday Tribute

Glenn Parker talk at remembrance Sunday event at Great British Speakers

Glenn has been honouring those fallen this Remembrance Day; reflecting on how he has been greatly influenced by the two World Wars and how they deeply inspired his work with Help For Heroes.

As an ex-serviceman and Help For Heroes advocate, Glenn was invited to Woodham Mortimer, Essex on Remembrance Sunday to address a local audience. In addition to the paying of respects to the local soldiers of WW1 and WW2, Glenn spoke about the history of the conflicts and his own personal experiences as a serviceman, speaking about his injuries and how he recovered to become a Personal Trainer with arguably the 'World’s best Personal Training Company'.

To hear first hand from someone who knows all about resiliance, both physically and mentally,  contact Jane or Steve on 01753 439 289 to book  Glenn to inspire  your organisation and colleagues. 

Tuesday, 06 November 2018 20:36

Jamie McDonald is running across America!

Adventureman is halfway through his coast-to-coast USA solo run! We catch up with the incredible bloke from Gloucester Jamie McDonald who has done 115 Marathons with 100 to go!

adventureman Jamie McDonald motivational speaker at Great British Speakers

Real-life superhero Jamie McDonald, who has raised more than $500,000 for children’s charities through bigger-than-life adventures, is more than 3,000 miles into a 6,000-mile coast-to-coast run across the United States, again dressed as a superhero.

Jamie crossed the state border into Texas, the sixth of fifteen states the adventurer will run through,a few weeks ago. To combat the paralysing 50 degree Celsius (120F) desert heat, Jamie is running marathons throughout the night – sometimes clocking up more than 40 miles per run.

Since the fundraising adventure began in April, he’s been caught in a terrifying flood in Junction, Texas, been mistaken for a Mexican drug runner, dodged striking snakes, scorpions and spiders, been ordered to come out of his tent ‘with his hands first’ by a police officer with his hands on his holster and much more. 

Jamie McDonald Adventureman motivational speaker at Great British Speakers

32-year-old Jamie McDonald, from Gloucester, spent the first nine years of his life in and out of hospital with a rare spinal condition; syringomyelia. Combined with a very weak immune system and epilepsy, Jamie’s health was very poor – his family feared he might lose his mobility altogether. At nine years old, and against the odds, his symptoms eased, allowing Jamie to slowly become more active.

On the 10th April 2018, Jamie began his second coast-to-coast journey that will take him right the way across the United States. He has just a year to finish the nearly 6,000 mile route, before his Visa runs out.

Beginning at the westernmost point of the United States – Cape Alava in Washington – Jamie has so far ran through Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico. He has ran more than 115 marathons.

He’ll travel through many others, including Tennessee, Washington D.C. and New York, on his way to the easternmost point of mainland USA, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Maine.

He can be followed using this live tracker: The route can be seen both on that page and below – the red is the distance Jamie has already ran.

SURPRISE SURPRISE SHOW 02 05 copy 2 1024x583

So far, the adventure has raised more than $24,000 for US children’s hospitals and £36,000 – nearly 15% of the goal total – for Superhero Foundation, a charity Jamie co-founded that grants money to families for treatment they might not otherwise be able to have or afford. Supporters around the world can donate here

When temperatures allow, Jamie is running as his alter ego Adventureman, in a custom-made superhero costume designed by then-10-year-old, Conner Reddy. Jamie has also changed his name ‘officially’ on social media.

Running by himself and without a support crew yet again, Jamie has ran through rainforest downpours, camped in places famous for their wild animals, including bears, cougars and mountain lions and ran down busy highways.

Here’s Jamie speaking to popular US show Right This Minute about the challenge:


To this point, Jamie has been wild camping en route when not ofered a place to stay by kind strangers. His unbroken running route can be seen on the live tracker developed by and with Microsoft partners including cloud distributor intY and Acacus.

Jamie has so far visited Seattle Children’s Hospital, Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital in Oregon and Millers Children’s Hospital in Long Beach California. As an international fundraising adventure, 50% of any American donations will go to local children’s hospital in the state donors live and the other 50% will go to supporting other sick children around the world.

He is also stopping in at schools and businesses along the way, delivering motivational talks to help with the fundraising.

Jamie McDonald 7 copy 2

Jamie said,

“I can’t quite believe that I’ve made it to the halfway point! I’m so incredibly excited about it, and it’s just motivated me even more to complete this month in the six months I have left on my Visa.

“I’ve been in Texas a month now and I’ve learned to love the desert, even though I’m confident it wants to kill me. I’m not sure what’s worse – the spiders, scorpions, snakes, mountain lions or the heat! But, I’m running hard, and can’t believe I’m already in Texas, my sixth state of the run!

“At the beginning of this run, just days in, I injured my foot so badly that I thought I’d have to start again. Through careful management and even some barefoot running, I’ve hit more than 3,000 miles in around six months. My maths isn’t great, but that tells me that I have a good shot at making it before my visa runs out.”

He continued,

“I’m doing this to show people, and especially children in situations like I was in, and many worse, that anything is possible, and that you can’t give up on hope and health. I’d like to thank the US so far for taking me in when I’ve most needed it – I couldn’t do this without the kindness of the American people.”

Before the 6,000 mile coast-to-coast US run:

For the last four years, Jamie, now 31, has been working tirelessly to give back. He’s raised more than £500,000 for children’s charities, hospitals and causes around the world throughout his many adventures. He was named as the Pride of Britain ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ for the west for his effort, among many other accolades.

In the time since his last adventure, Jamie has co-founded Gloucestershire-based Superhero Foundation, a charity that grants money to families for treatment not otherwise available on the NHS. He has also written the best-selling book ‘Adventureman: Anyone Can Be a Superhero’, the story of his life to this point – no mean feat for somebody that struggles with dyslexia, and retook his GCSEs aged 23. All proceeds from the book go to charity.

Here he meet up with 'Wonder Woman' who is actually the fabulous Anna McNuff another of our incredible motivational speakers who is supporting Jamie every step of the way on his journey in the States!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 17:25

Louisa takes to the high seas


Our client was looking for a speaker who could stage a series of talks during the voyage that would interest their cruise guests on a trans Atlantic trip starting in Montreal and ending in Southampton.

On this blog, being a broadcast journalist we thought we'd let Louisa tell her own story!...

It was such a joy to be on board the Saga Sapphire! The passengers were all so friendly and social, welcoming me to everything that was going on - and there was a lot going on! Of course there were the stops on the itinerary from the point I joined - Montreal, Gaspe, St John and Newfoundland.

On sea days passengers had the option to come along to my talks - with three other speakers on board including an Astronomer who had worked with NASA astronauts and an aviation historian.

Even though I'm a presenter and used to speaking in public, this was a different challenge! Keeping your audiences' attention for 45 minutes and speaking directly to a room full of faces rather than a camera was a little daunting at first! But it all went well and I really enjoyed speaking to everyone and hearing their questions at the end - and indeeed speaking to them throughout the trip.

I did five talks of 45 minutes each during - on subjects including how international newsrooms react to breaking news, how tabloids dig out their stories and about fake news and how world leaders like Donald Trump are fighting it, or indeed using it to their advantage. I spoke about interviews I’ve done with politicians like Boris Johnson and actors like Tom Cruise.

You can find out more about Louisa on her bio page HERE including news and sports showreels, and to book Louisa for talks, events and awards hosting, contact us on 01753 439 289

Louisa Pilbeam Current Affairs Journalist Broadcaster Speaker at Great British Speakers

Friday, 02 November 2018 16:54

Challenge the Original Stig!

Perry McCathy Challenge the Original Stig at Great British Speakers

Here's a summary of Perry's 'Challenge the Orininal Stig' karting experience:

· Invitation to your guests, example: ******* invite you to Challenge The Stig' – It’s normally only celebrities that get to race him!

· We have the venue exclusively for the client at the behest of the Stig himself.

· Maximum of 40 guests to whom Perry gives an introduction talk.

· Perry starts at back of grid for each of the evening's races so everyone has the chance to race directly against the main man.

· The Original Stig (Even though he obviously unable to speak) is on-hand to give personal kart racing tips to you special guests.

· Timings are approx. 6pm to 10pm. Dates, exact timings and UK locations are all flexible from a number of 'Stig approved' kart racing circuits.


· Helmet and race clothing provided.

· Pizza and soft drinks are included.

· Individual lap timing sheets printed per guest.

· Perry presents trophies to podium finishers.

· Photo opportunity.

Simply call us on 01753 439 289 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

Friday, 02 November 2018 15:50

Mark leaves a great impression!

Mark Dolan at Great British Speakers.jpg

We were asked by an events organiser quite late in the day to provide a humerous host for a series of awards last week.

Needless to say we delivered the 'goods' in the shape of Mark Dolan.

The client said:

"I wanted to say many thanks again for arranging Mark Dolan for the Awards. He was a true professional. He had a problem with his voice, but he battled through, and we were all really pleased. He's a lovely guy too.
I'm extremely grateful for you efforts in securing him from us. You really saved the day, actually, and you clearly have a brilliant network. You have a lot of new fans!"

So, if you're looking for a briliant event host to energise your event just give Great British Speakers a call! 01753 439 289

See Mark's showreel below: 

Thursday, 11 October 2018 13:11

Jeff Moody

Jeff Moody Broadcast Journalist Moderator Host Compere at Great British Speakers 

Jeff Moody is an award-winning international news anchor for the Chinese broadcaster CGTN, based in Beijing. Jeff worked for many years at ITN and has a wealth of presenting experience, including the international broadcaster Arise News, Five News Breakfast and ITV Meridian.

He has worked across many TV genres reporting on the BBC’s Liquid News, Wish You Were Here and specialising in consumer affairs at Meridian.

Jeff started out in radio in San Francisco and is also an actor and after-dinner speaker.

He is a consummate corporate host, able to moderate and present at a huge range of conferences and other events.

Thursday, 11 October 2018 12:44

Alex Forrest Whiting

Alex Forrest Whiting Politics International Affairs Host TV Presenter broadcaster Host Moderator at Great British Speakers

Alex Forrest Whiting has reported and presented for major broadcasters around the world.

A political correspondent and presenter for many years with ITV, Alex brings authority and panache to all her broadcast work.

With a track record that includes BBC World, Al Jazeera and DW in Germany, she has a deep knowledge of international affairs.

Her work as a presenter for Saxo TV expanded her expertise to the financial and economic news.

ITV Good Morning Britain, Huffington Post, The Spectator, RTE Radio and a range of publications have also benefitted from her analysis and insight.

A major part of Alex’s work is as an event host, moderator and public speaker.

She has hosted events for the UK's Wine and Spirit Trade Association, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the British Embassy in Denmark.

She has also worked as a media trainer and consultant for Saxo Bank and Maersk.

Thursday, 11 October 2018 12:27

Bridgid Nzekwu

Bridgid Nzekwu News Broadcaster Journalist Cancer Survivor Diversity Speaker at Great British Speakers 2018

Bridgid Nzekwu has spent 17 years at the top of British television news. She is part of the ITV News anchor team, presenting national bulletins and London programmes.

Before ITV Bridgid was a presenter and reporter for Channel 4 News for ten years. She was the Channel 4 Money Reporter during the credit crunch and early recession, winning the Best Personal Finance Programme award in 2009.

Bridgid's portfolio includes current affairs and factual entertainment programmes. She has presented 5News, 24-hour rolling news on the ITV News Channel and was the face of online news for Amnesty International.

Bridgid's specialist interests include health. She has presented programmes for the C4 Embarrassing Bodies series and has written in the Sunday Times about her own experiences of surviving cancer (twice!), undergoing radical breast cancer surgery and treatment. She has also made numerous films for the NHS.

Her other great passions are motorsport and handbags!

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