Inspirational speaking star David tells us something about his life and what he does that's really special...

David McQueen motivational speaker at Great British Speakers 2018

"I started my working life as an accountant (don’t ask) and transitioned to a second career in technology (I am a proper geek). In both of those careers, I found that where I thrived most was in making the complex simple and coaching people to do the same. Thus spawned a love for effective presenting and communications. I realised I was quite funny too, so that was an added bonus.

I left the corporate world to start my own company, speaking and coaching adults and students on how to communicate with business and professional success. I realised that most presentations I sat through as a professional were rather terrible (I want to say crap), and so instead of complaining about them, I thought I would do something.

I joined speaking clubs. I spoke at storytelling nights. I pulled on some of the stage skills I learned from amateur dramatics and singing. I tried stand up comedy twice. Which was scary but rewarding. I learned how designers put together amazing presentations using a variety of tools. I even tried my hand at TV presenting and hosted a show on Channel 4, called Vocation Vocation Vocation, and a business show online called Pioneers TV, hosted by Virgin Media. (Where I met Sir Richard Branson of course). I studied rhetoric, debate and international communications. Heck, I even spoke at two TEDx talks in the UK at Surrey and Olympia. 10,000 hours people!


Using these experiences I developed my skill to become a professional speaker, communications coach and event host. This has allowed me to work with fabulous clients in the corporate, third and public sector, including Virgin Media, Asda, Sainsburys, Barclaycard, Societe Generale, HSBC, RBS, BP, Shell, Cisco, Morgan Stanley, Pearson, JP Morgan, Northern Trust, BBC, Channel 4, Telegraph Media Group, BOA Merill Lynch, Startup Awards, Social Enterprise Awards, Shell Livewire Awards and Unltd.

My desire is not only to demonstrate what good speaking and presentation looks like, but to help you to become a better speaker and presenter, whether in leadership, sales, pitching for investment, customer service or convincing your staff to stay motivated and driven".

You can find out more about David on his main bio page HERE

To book him contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers on 01753 439 289 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David McQueen inspirational leadership coach speaker at Great British Speakers

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Lee Jackson get good motivator powerpoint coach

"As a speaker I get feedback all the time, both written and verbal. I once met a fellow speaker at his office and he had big piles of A4 feedback sheets from recent events all over the floor of his office, there was half a tree’s worth on his office floor! It’s just part of my world.

Ironically last week after doing two speaking events to speaker bookers where I was there to receive feedback (and bookings!), the tables were turned when on Saturday I became the judge for a speaking competition and I had to then give feedback to other speakers! It’s a tricky thing to give feedback, especially to new speakers who need encouragement and constructive feedback to help them improve. A healthy balance is key.

Feedback is a lot easier to give it out, than to receive it for most people.

Some people I’ve met run away from all feedback as they’ve been hurt in the past from a boss who was blunt, manipulative or just a poor people person. But even if we have had bad experiences, it’s part of life now and we need to find a way to process it.

Here are my 6 tips on dealing with feedback of any sort.

My feedback on feedback!

1. Learn to sieve it!

I’ve learnt to listen to all feedback but to sieve it very thoroughly in my head, sometimes even when it’s being given to me! Feedback comes with baggage, so ask – who’s giving me this? Why are they giving me this? What are their motives? Keep sieving and you can disregard some feedback and take on board some, but not all. I did a training day for a company last year and the feedback was strangely mixed. I was shocked to be honest as I thought it had gone well and the verbal feedback on the day was great. But the written feedback we got a few days later was decidedly mixed. So I decided to process it properly. I wrote down the feedback that i was concerned about, reflected on it, spoke to my colleagues and eventually i realised that this just didn’t seem right. So, I called the CEO who’d booked me and had a chat. I told her that i was concerned about the mixed feedback as this usually didn’t happen. We talked for ten minutes and the penny dropped. She told me that the feedback sheets were not done until the days after and they were done in an open office (maybe even around the water cooler). she also said that some of the delegates were recently retired from an industry that is known for very harsh feedback. I also got the impression that some of them didn’t like training and didn’t want to be there anyway, especially as they were used to working independently and only saw each other a few times a year. They were also used to giving training, not receiving training. The CEO then assured me that she was was very happy with the day and will use us again in the future. Phew! If I hadn’t processed that properly and hadn’t made that call, then I’d never have known the truth behind the unusual feedback. Keep sieving!

2. Not everyone’s opinion really matters.

This seems harsh I know, but it’s true. I have seen new speakers give other new speakers long and detailed feedback as of they are experts. Their feedback as a human being is perfectly valid of course, but unless they are experienced in that field, it’s just not as valuable as someone who’s been speaking successfully for years. I personally listen to feedback from speakers who I respect, and I’ve changed bits of my talks because of those speakers, but that group is a select few. Everyone’s opinion is valid but it doesn’t always carry the same weight and impact.

3. Don’t take it personally.

This a challenging one, but if you want to keep on going its essential. If you get feedback on a work issue, its work, its not usually a personal attack. Just because someone says that your report writing isn’t as good as it should be doesn’t mean that you are a bad person! It means that you may need some more training or you need to give that task to someone else to do. Play to your strengths more. It’s business not personal. Getting that into perspective really helps. Life is challenging enough without battering our self-esteem with stuff that isn’t relevant.

How to handle feedback and use it to your advantage – my feedback on feedback!

4. Ask yourself, is this true?

Some feedback is right and proper. Some feedback we should take on board, it’s what makes us better at our job or helps us become a better person. Self awareness is the key to personal and professional growth and part of that is being able to say, “Yeah they were right, I need to change that”. When I teach presentation skills I always make a point to say at the beginning of the session “I’m a pretty nice person, I’ll make this fun today, you will get chocolate(!), but you need to know that I will give you direct feedback too, because we all need it to get better. Please dont be offended, it’s just feedback...”. Once they know that, they seem to relax more and at the end of the session they always come out as better speakers and some even grow and become more confident generally – that’s why I love teaching presentation skills. A few weeks ago I was coaching a group and during the final speeches one delegate was using a scrappy, folded A4 sheet for notes, but it was becoming a distraction. So I stopped the talk and took the piece of paper from her. She carried on and nailed the talk, of course she didn’t need the piece of paper, she didn’t need notes, but without that feedback that leader would probably use a sheet of A4 notes for the rest of their professional life! She didn’t need them, she was great. She took it on board and simply got better. It was a privilege to see someone take on board feedback without offence. Sometimes we have to do that, it’s part of our job.

5. Keep the good stuff and use it to your advantage!

So we’ve talked about using the constructive feedback well, but lets also use the good feedback as a motivator! I literally keep the good stuff. I have a little book that i use where i keep good feedback or comments from clients, even stuff from family and friends. I know it might sound weird or egotistical, but it’s not, it’s a tool in my toolbox. When I’m traveling to gigs, or even just before I step on stage I have a look at these pieces of feedback and its focuses me for the task ahead and gets me into the right state of mind. Often as humans our default state is a negative one, we think of the worst rather than the best. This little trick will get you in the right mood to perform better. It’s not a Jedi mind trick – it’s just a simple way to get us on the right track to success. We tend to keep not-so-good feedback easier than good feedback. I’ve decided to keep the good feedback more prevalent. You should too, maybe you already do? By the way – no one sees this apart from me, it’s personal and private. It’s for me and my brain :)

And lastly:

6. It’s not the full picture.

The other thing about feedback is that often I can be speaking to a room of 200+ people and just chat to three people afterwards, so you never know what people took away. I got these emails in the last few weeks, from events where I got little or no feedback at the time. These are keepers for me and will go into my little book:

After a business event, where, If I’m honest the talk seemed like “hard work” – I got this:

“Hi Lee, Just had to drop you a line to say a big thank you again. I’ve had a couple of emails through saying how much they enjoyed your talk. I don’t normally get this! You obviously did something right!” So it turned out that the audience just weren’t very responsive – it was personality types, thats all. They loved it, but as an extrovert I just didn’t see it like that!

And after a talk in a challenging school, I got this too:

“Dear Lee, My name is ________. You spoke at my school ________. I dont think you remember me but we talked after your talk and all i would like to say to you is thank you. You really changed the way i thought of my exams, well i have finished my exams and school all together. I have started listening to your book How to enjoy and succeed at school and college. And i am really loving the book. I have enrolled in _______college...” He then went on to ask me a question about something I’d said in my talk. It made my day.

Feedback: collect it, use it, process it wisely, read it when you need to, but don’t live your life for it!

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Did you know that knowing lots of people can be bad for our health?!

Lee Jackson get good motivator powerpoint coach

One of our expert in networking, Lee Jackson shares his thoughts on managing our social and business networks:

Research says that on average we all know about 150 people. We have 3-5 close friends/family, then 15 people who are quite close to us, 50 people who are acquaintances and finally a large group who we know a bit and we just wave to in the street...

...But, because of social media, we can now easily keep tabs on hundreds or even thousands of people, this is great in many ways but it also can bring us stress too. If our brain is only really designed to hold the tension of a handful of people, then keeping tabs on hundreds means that there is – always someone ill, always someone struggling, always someone having a tough day, always someone who hates their job. And the flip-side too – there is always someone having a great time, on a great holiday, got a better job and earning more money than us that day.  And all this can happen when we are sat in our dressing gown's feeling sorry for ourselves!
When I first started my job as a pro speaker I used social media to grow my business as I still do now. But in the early days of self employment it can be very quiet! You don’t get as much work as you’d like, as things have to grow and the word about you has to spread. So for me it became bad for me to see what I thought was that every other speaker and trainer I knew was working and I wasn’t! They all seemed to have bigger and better clients than me too. I think it really got to me for a while and certainly de-motivated me at times. It wasn’t good for me. So I made a few decisions and reminded myself that I was not seeing the world as it really was. Not everyone was working every day but because I followed 200 other speakers there would be always someone working but maybe 185 of them weren’t! But people rarely say online that they are doing nothing (unless it’s the old double hot dog leg shot from a foreign beach somewhere!).

When you have a “gig” based job like mine there is lots of marketing to do and contacts to make but there is also a part of my job where I’m waiting for the phone to ring or an email to arrive out of the blue. It’s just part of what I do. So I do still play the numbers game for business purposes but I also know that personally I should meaningfully connect to less, not more people and we should all of course choose those people very carefully.
We are designed to have a few really good friends not hundreds of vague acquaintances that always seem to be having more fun than us!"


  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Watch the numbers that you connect with
    (have an occasional cull and remember on Facebook you can stay ‘friends’ with people but ‘unfollow’ them and they will never know!)
  • and
  • Let’s learn to live a deeper life with fewer people rather than a shallow life with hundreds online.
  • We’d find life a whole lot less stressful I reckon.


To book Lee contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers on 01753 439 289 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Inspiring Vanessa

Inspiring Vanessa motivational young speaker at Great British Speakers

The 11 yr old who is one of the UK’s youngest motivational speakers. Inspiring Vanessa started her business as a motivational speaker when she was just 10 years old. She’s now 11yrs old and has rapidly become an international multi award winning speaker, and projecting that she will have even more high profile speaking engagements in 2018.

More importantly, she has travelled to several countries across the globe to help inspire children to reach their full potential. How did she do it? She enrolled in a series of trainings from top speakers and entrepreneurs, including her mum. She found a great business opportunity. And she kept going, she calls herself a “Kid-preneur” and she is.

In addition, Vanessa is the author of a three book entitled – “The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success”, “Book of Quotes - inspiration on the go” and Audio book entitled- “The 12 keys to Success” Vanessa’s mission is to inspire children and adults around the world to believe in themselves and have the courage to be whoever they want to be.

Vanessa has been trained and mentored by several top International Speakers and has shared the stage with the many top speakers in front of thousands of people.

Vanessa has also been interviewed on London Live TV and appeared in many newspapers and magazines.

Vanessa’s signature topics include:

• Mind-set
• Inspiration
• Motivation
• Love and Fear
• Taking Action
• Self-Belief

Inspiring Vanessa said "life is like a flower, so try and keep those petals on" - it means that each petal represents stages of our lives, once petal falls off you can't take that time back again, so use your time wisely.

Her awards include:

• Her awards - Fearless Speaker - August 2016,
• Inspirational Young Persons Award -October 2016,
• Award of Appreciation- November 2016
• Croydon Council Award for Good Citizen - March 2017
• Nominee – Best Child Author 2017
• Volunteer of the Year 2017 - Hgiving Charity
• Master the Stage - May 2017
• Nominee – Young Inspiring Person 2018

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Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson get good motivator powerpoint coach

Lee is a popular motivational speaker who helps leaders and managers to 'Get Good' in the workplace.

Having worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors over the years he now works in businesses and education helping people to 'Get Good' in challenging times. He was the 2017 President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK & Ireland.

People say that he is funny, engaging and a “breath of fresh air”. He doesn't do boring, and he’s allergic to bullet points. He delivers great presentations with content that is fresh and new, all delivered in an approachable style that engages even the most reluctant audiences. Unlike many speakers, he loves the graveyard slot after lunch! No jargon, nothing over-complicated, just the good stuff that changes people’s lives, build resilience and increases profit.


How to 'Get Good' and be resilient in challenging times

This is Lee’s keynote business presentation that helps you and your workplace understand real success and how you can achieve it. It’s success 101 – nothing boring or complex, just real life advice, research to help grow your resilience, effectiveness and your profits. Lee's vast experience of working in all three sectors makes him an ideal speaker to help to encourage real results and engagement from your team.


Specsavers, ADT, BBC, Austin Hayes Ltd, Gateshead Council, Career Academies UK, The Global Speakers Summit, TEDx, Telegraph and Argus Newspaper, Tribal group, McCain, Agilisys, Common Purpose, Watson Moore, Adobe, Asda, Leeds City Council, SalesChannel Europe, Leeds Federated Housing, Wrigleys solicitors, Barclays, Addleshaw Goddard LLP, Vodafone, Firmstep, Wakefield Council, Government office for Yorkshire and Humber, Co-operative Insurance, Yorkshire Bank, Leeds, York and Bradford NHS trusts

What the clients say:

“Lee has worked with us as a presentation consultant to make our nation-wide communications meetings the best they can be. There were some great conclusions from his consultation work. The main change has been that we are weaning the presenters off wordy slides and the presenters are now being challenged to learn their script. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable on presentation skills and PowerPoint/slide design. We look forward to working with him again.”

Director of Retail Communications at Specsavers Optical Group

“It’s amazing how many people in business use PowerPoint without having a clue how to use it. As such, it has a really bad reputation and a bad name. Enter Lee’s someone who knows how to use it...PROPERLY, and how to interact with it. He knows how to get the most out of it, and how both designers and delivers can use it as it was meant to and in doing so, deliver messages that are attractive enough for people to engage with.”

Senior Learning and Development Manager at Asda Stores Ltd

Lee...was excellent. Really clear, concise advice and tips about delivering a great presentation (whatever your level of experience) and all delivered with pace and humour.

RF, Partner, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Lee kept the whole audience entertained throughout.

DO, Senior Partner, Yorkshire Bank

Lee Jackson delivered an accessible, practical and useful training session mixed in with plenty of humour. He is an excellent speaker whose content, style and delivery was right on the money for our business focused audience.

NA, Associate, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

If you want entertainment, hire a comedian. If you want entertainment AND insight, hire Lee Jackson.

Paul McGee, Author of the best selling business book ‘S.U.M.O’

Lee is a first class communicator, he is able to capture and then maintain an audience’s attention with wit, humour and a real-life relevance.

KD, Vodafone

Lee’s presentation was informative, interesting and fun I went away with some great tips.

CF, GI Delivery Consultant, The Co-operative Insurance

On the same platform as Sir Trevor Phillips, Lee produced one of the most insightful, thought provoking and humorous presentations I had seen in some time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future events.

SN, Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber

You got the whole team involved, and we had a cracking time!

JV, Yorkshire Bank

Upon hearing the word ‘presentation’ my eyes usually close. But this was not the case during Lee’s presentation, during which the 45 minutes’ of tips, advice and interactivity flew by. A very enjoyable experience. Thank You!

JL, Paralegal, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Lee’s talk was interactive, thought-provoking and funny, everyone tuned in and enjoyed the session and went away with a positive their future!

AT, Teesside University

“If you are looking for someone to help staff with their presentation skills Lee is your man. He has worked with our Senior Management Team and Operational Managers to hone their skills in delivering interesting, well-presented, lively presentations (no death by power point here). I would also recommend Lee as an inspirational speaker if you are looking for someone to engage with and motivate your staff – down to earth, pragmatic and really hits the heart of the matter.”

Head of Corporate Services at Leeds Federated Housing

“Lee went to great lengths to understand our business and the outcomes we strived. He then used creative and innovative ways to update our thinking with presentations and messaging. The time we spent with Lee delivered some immediate value outcomes with presentations and helped us understand a firm philosophy which we’ll continue to build from. Since then I have seen improved client feedback and no doubt it has contributed to our businesses upward growth”

Business Development Manager at Firmstep

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Steve Carr

Steve Carr inspirational mental health campaigner at Great British Speakers

Steve Carr is one of the U.K’s most active Motivational Speakers & Mental Health campaigners.

With a powerful story that shows how he moved from the toughest challenges in life to becoming a successful coach, motivational speaker and philanthropist, he will totally inspire your audience: 

With less than one hundred quid in my pocket and a tent, I began my journey on Monday 1st Feb. The campaign was to raise awareness of Mental Health issues and Homelessness, after experiencing both issues first hand me. On Friday 13th September 1991, when I was just 15 years old, my life changed irreversibly when my brother was tragically killed, along with four other children, by a reckless drunk driver in the Akers Way horror crash in Swindon. Paula Barnes, 15, Belinda Brown, 19, Paul Carr, 16, Sheree Lear, eight, and seven-year-old Ian Lilley were playing on the grassed area off Akers Way when driver Shaun Gooch lost control of his car at high speed and crashed into the group of youngsters. The tragedy shook the community and provoked fury among campaigners who had long been calling for a lower speed limit and other safety measures on the road. I received no support or help following my loss, due to my father's decision that my sister and I would be o.k, instead choosing I chose to mask the trauma with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

My mother and father divorced shortly after it happened and I was forced out of my family home. I lost contact with my Mother, father & sister, I could not hold onto any form of relationship for long periods due to the fear of loss and rejection and as fast as I was gaining friends, jobs and relationships I was losing them. During my early 30’s, things started to look up for me when I managed to hold down a job for long enough to buy a house, but then I found cocaine. I thought I was doing well until I found cocaine, or cocaine found me. I became an addict in a very short space of time. After a little under a year of taking cocaine, I lost my house, my job, and my friends. I lost everything, and my habit was costing me £100 a day. I couldn’t stop what I was doing to myself until one day I pushed it too far. I became homeless with just enough money for one more high, the last high. With a concoction of drugs & alcohol including Cocaine, Methadone, & legal highs, I vowed to take my own life. Something happened that day and I was saved, the concoction almost killed me, but something pulled me back, something saved me. I can’t say what it was but I was given another chance.

I contemplated taking my own life a further three times before I was diagnosed with mental health problems. After seeking help and counselling, I have finally been able to turn my life around and am dedicated to raising awareness of both mental illness and homelessness. After suffering a breakdown recently due to a work-related stress and my employment being terminated whilst off sick, I have now finally been cleared by the doctor and I can start my journey of raising awareness to help others -after all who better than someone who has been there?.

Steve's talks share his journal of moving on from addiction and trauma and how he turned his life around to achieve the success he has today.  It's his mission to help other's empower their lives and realise their full potential 


Learn how he used these new-found life skills to achieve the following;

  • Walked from Lands End to John O‘Groats with just £100 and a tent in just 90
  • Days raising awareness for Mental Health & Homelessness.
  • Walked from Swindon to Downing Street to deliver a report on my findings from the walk.
  • Cycled 1500 miles across 7 countries in Europe in 11 days raising money for charity.
  • Cycled from Liverpool to Lands End raising awareness for PTSD in 4 days.

What the Clients say:

Steve Carr is a genuine, inspiring and engaging speaker and such a lovely person too! I loved his recent talk at Shape Your Destiny event in Bristol! It made me think so much is possible for us, we have an amazing potential within us and can always change the meaning of the past and be the winner in our lives, just as Steve has demonstrated with his amazing personal story. I love his energy on stage, his enthusiasm and personality. Great man. Thank you Steve.

Gosia Scarrott

Steve has an incredibly powerful personal story to tell of an intense journey from the depths of despair to soaring heights of transformation and is an admirable example of someone who changed his life and future through awareness, decision and action. His is a truly inspiring story of human possibility. That no situation is too bad to be overcome with the right mindset. As a speaker he delivers his powerful message of transformation with great style and humour.

Stuart Doughty

Thank you, Steve, for your inspiring energy! Your story and your passion is absolutely healing and encourages us all to make a change and be stronger! Looking forward to seeing you again!.

Andreea Vasile

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Steve Carr for inviting me to an amazing life changing weekend.

This man has overcome personal tragedy and carved a mindset which is so positive it is mind blowing...... He has taught me so much about the power of believing in yourself and how to overcome the past.

Until Steve tapped into my psyche I had no idea that I was holding on to certain aspects of my life. He challenges with his ability to connect with people and I consider him to be a master mind of his trade. Thank you Mr Carr.

Soraya Dawn

I’ve seen Steve speak twice. The first time he was lycra clad in the middle of one of his epic bike rides, raising awareness for mental health. The second time he had a normal shirt on! It was equally inspirational though. The guy has an incredibly powerful back story – a life of true transformation. He speaks with confidence and a high degree of comfort at being in his own skin.

Keep up the great work Steve.

Chris Joseph

Thank you, Steve, for giving me the courage and helping me to realise I really needed to do something that had been on my mind for a while. I’ve done it, I’ve released it and I even did it again! Thank you for shining your light and empowering others to shine theirs.

Terri Kearns

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Simon Parker

Simon Parker traveler adventurer at Great British Speakers

Simon Parker is a foreign correspondent and travel writer who often reports from over 40 countries a year for the BBC, The Telegraph and The Independent. He has sailed and cycled from China to London, scaled the highest peaks in the Andes, stared down charging black rhinos in Namibia and documented the impact of climate change in Svalbard. His new TV project, Earth Cycle, is currently being broadcast in over a dozen countries around the world.

Motivational speaker, panel discussion chair and event host, Simon has reported from over half the countries on Earth – and all within the first ten years of his career as a journalist.

He has been to some of the most extreme corners of the planet; from the high Andes and the centre of the North Pacific, to the driest deserts of Southern Africa and the frozen glaciers of the Arctic Circle.

In 2016 Simon sailed and cycled from China to London in 133 days – racing with and against the Round the World Yacht Race, for a BBC Radio documentary and Daily Telegraph series.

Simon has been stationed in South America for the BBC, hiked every possible route to Machu Picchu and as a fully-qualified paragliding pilot, flown solo through the Colombian Andes.

He is a former TEDx speaker and has served as a panel chair at the prestigious Front Line Club, London.

Some of Simon’s most memorable stories:

Sailing and cycling 15,000 miles from China to London - BBC World Service/The Telegraph, 2016

Driving a seven horsepower rickshaw the length of India - The Independent, 2015

Diving for urchins in French Polynesia - From Our Own Correspondent, BBC Radio 4, 2017

Climbing Bali’s three highest volcanoes in less than 24 hours - The Independent, 2015

Tracking desert-adapted rhinos and elephants in the searing deserts of Namibia - The Telegraph/The Independent, 2015/2017

Glacier decline in the high Andes, Bolivia - The World at One, BBC Radio 4, 2016

The first journalist in the world to ride the world’s longest ever zip-line in Ras Al Khaimah - The Telegraph, 2017

Investigating the effects of climate change on Svalbard, high above the Arctic Circle - Newshour, BBC World Service, 2016

Simon Parker Travel journalist Adventurer motivational speaker at Great British Speakers

What the clients say:

It was a real pleasure having Simon come to chair an event at the Frontline Club. Not only is he an excellent public speaker in his own right with fascinating experiences; he is a great interviewer – bringing the best out of the other film makers on the panel.

Laura Gane, Editorial Director, The Frontline Club, London

What an extraordinary life! Simon had the guts to live the way he wants, no regrets – and this is what appealed to us when curating our event in 2017. Even though he’s living out of a suitcase and always on the move that didn’t stop Simon from communicating with us regularly, refining his talk over several weeks to produce the kick-ass TEDx Talk that wowed our audience on event day.

Kimberley Owen, Event Director TEDxLeamingtonSpa

Simon gave an insightful and interesting talk to our sixth formers on travel journalism. It proved to be an excellent way to broaden our students’ horizons around travel and life as a hard working journalist. Inspiring stuff.

Will Speke, Deputy Head, Fitzharrys School, Abingdon.

Simon came and gave an interesting and inspiring talk to our cultural capital club on his life in travel journalism. It gave the students an insight into the world of writing, but also on the opportunities that travel can bring them. Simon was engaging and the students were able to relate to what he told them – especially that you need to follow your dreams and work hard to get there!

Tom Peterson, Assistant Community Director, The Oxford Academy

Simon is a fantastic young man who has dozens, if not hundreds, of funny and highly interesting anecdotes from a life spent living nomadically as a journalist around the world. Our students relished the chance to ask him about getting into journalism and exploring the planet. A brilliant public speaker accompanied by photos and videos.

Lisa Curtiss, Journalism Studies Course Leader, Solent University

Simon’s talk was not only fascinating and engaging, but carried an inspiring message about acknowledging who you are. Instead of conforming to “normality”, Simon has chosen a life which suits who he truly is – something we could all learn from.

Phil Sanger, Director, Vault IP Law Firm

A real highlight of TEDx Leam 2017 was speaker Simon Parker. Sharing his experiences, adventures and a clear message to change your perspective. Authentic and engaging, inspiring a fresh challenge to go beyond perceived limitations. Enjoyable and thought provoking.

Claire Brewster, Director, Coaching and Communications, Bright Living

Here is just some of Simon's outstanding broadcast work...

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Gavin Ingham at Great British Speakers

As Europe’s NO 1 motivational speaker on mental toughness, Gavin helps his clients to use the “I am 10” approach to be more, do more & have more. With a straight-talking approach to mindset change, he will help leaders, salespeople and business owners to get better results in business and in life.

He has given over 1,200 paid talks to over 150,000 delegates, he has spoken in nearly every county in England, all over Europe and in the US and Africa. He has appeared on US TV networks ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox on the “Brian Tracy TV Show”.

He is a judge for the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) and has spoken three times at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s (ISMM) conference. Gavin's expertise has been sought out by multi-nationals that include UBS, The Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft and Renault Trucks...he really knows what it takes to give you a good event and get the results you are looking for.


Gavin Ingham Mental Toughness speaker at Great British Speakers


“I am 10” – be more, do more and achieve more in your business and in your life.

“This dynamic and engaging talk will get your people motivated and inspired and leave them buzzing long after your event is over. The “I am 10” philosophy will leave a lasting impact helping your people to build confidence, increase mental toughness and grow your business.

Life has changed. Business is more challenging. What once worked, does not work anymore. Many people are working harder than ever – spinning plates, frazzled, putting in the hours – but are unable to make the progress that they once made. Here’s the thing...

Good enough is not good enough anymore. If you want success, you need to be the best that you can be. You need to be a “10”. This is the philosophy I have taught over 150,000 people over the last 15 years, helping them to get phenomenal results – in business and in life.

I will show your people how to make the quantum leap to world-class performance and achieve more, at work and at home. Packed full of proven techniques they can apply to build high-performance teams, sell more and create the lives they want, this is laugh out loud talk that will guarantee that you have a great event.” - Gavin.

“I am 10” Sales – be more, do more, sell more

The sales keynote at your next event needs to inspire your salespeople to be the best, to build unshakeable belief in your products and services, and to motivate them to take massive action. It needs to get them talking about how they can be outstanding and sharing what they can do to make more sales. And it needs to be delivered by a proven speaker who can engage, challenge and connect; guaranteeing you a great event.

From total newbies to experienced and seasoned, sales superstars your sales teams will recognise his ‘in the trenches’ experience from sales rookie to European top seller and he shares with them his “I am 10” mental toughness principles, so that they can start applying straight away to reach more clients, build long-term relationships, create more value and close more deals.

Packed full of proven techniques and real-world strategies this high energy, laugh out loud talk will set your next conference alight and give your sales teams the tools and skills they need to shrug off difficult markets, bounce back in the face of rejection, be more proactive and targeted, win more profitable clients, negotiate value based deals, and make more sales in any economy.

“I am 10” Leadership – be more, do more, lead more

Achieve your goals by believing in and valuing yourself. From the biggest lies we tell ourselves to multi-media addiction, from delusions about ability to claims about our motivation, we all find it difficult to realise our ambitions. He shares real-world strategies and concepts that will help motivate and inspire your people to be more successful by dreaming bigger and knowing how to make those dreams a reality.

This programme will show you and your people how to control their emotions, avoid common pitfalls, be more motivated, improve efficiency, lead more effectively and achieve business and personal goals. It will demonstrate how critical thinking can empower you to achieve success by asking more powerful, challenging questions of themselves and others and adopting a winning mindset to build winning beliefs that deliver results.

In his usual storytelling style, he shares fascinating insights into how the thinking patterns of top performers are different and how you can leverage these to achieve personal and cultural change. If you want your people to embrace the impossible and make it possible then this is the keynote for you.

“I am 10” Influence – be more, do more, share more

Do you find it difficult to achieve real connection with your customers, clients, employees or stakeholders? Do your presentations lack the impact you would like them to have? Do you believe that your communications to clients, teams and stakeholders could be more influential?

Most communication techniques taught to leaders, salespeople and communicators are all about using the left brain, which controls reason and logic; they teach structures, how to say the right stuff and how to communicate the right points. Great communicators naturally use right brain emotion to connect, communicate, influence and persuade – and this is the bit that really matters.

Getting people to open up to you emotionally, whether that is your family, your clients or your colleagues is the key to encouraging them to take action. The old adage that ‘facts tell and stories sell’ is more relevant now than ever. Communication and influence is not about keeping your cards close to your chest; the more you share, the more you will receive. Gavin uses his ‘Story Selling’ principles to practically illustrate how you can have an emotional resonance with the people you want to influence so that they not only remember your stories but take action and pass them on.

If you are a leader, salesperson or just someone who wants to communicate more effectively, this keynote is a must.

Clients include: Bosh, Microsoft, 02, RBC, & Jaguar.

What the clients say:

“Gavin is one of the top motivational coaches in the United Kingdom. He has got a fantastic message about how you can get more out of yourself in every part of your life. He is extremely dynamic, he has high energy, and he asks thought-provoking questions that help people to re-order their thinking about themselves and their possibilities.”

Brian Tracy, Top Selling Author Of Over 70+ Books Including “Maximum Achievement”, “Eat That Frog”, & “The Psychology Of Selling”.

“What do you look for when you look for a conference speaker? If it’s someone inspirational, engaging and thought-provoking then Gavin is your man. His style of delivery was loved by our delegates and the content was tailored to give them strategies that they will be able to use back in the work place to win more sales. People were buzzing with ideas after his talk. Working with Gavin was easy too as he took the time to understand our brief, our audience and our industry thus ensuring that his talk was right on the money. Book him for your next event.”

Gordon Glenister, Director General, BPMA

“Taking a risk by hiring your keynote/guest speaker from searching the web and viewing LinkedIn recommendations could be seen as extremely foolhardy. However I am delighted to say it was one of the best risks I have taken. Gavin’s presentation was absolutely on the mark... motivational, inspirational and full of take-away-tools for our teams. I am also convinced our ROI will be many fold as our Sales teams put his 5.5 steps into action and look forward to working with him again.”

Liz Carnell, Director, The Venue Experience Team.

“We hired Gavin to speak at our sales meeting in Amsterdam. Gavin has proven to be a great speaker and motivator, our sales force went away feeling inspired and reenergized.”

Suzanne Van Ardenne, Marketing Manager, Crocs

See Gavin in action:

“Gavin is high energy, tremendously entertaining, and relates to all audiences. He opens a meeting with positive energy and great humor.”

Elaine Macy, Exec VP, Global Group Sales, Preferred Hotels.

“Gavin’s keynote injected massive energy into our event and got everyone enthused from the get-go. His messages are simple, powerful and universal, so everyone was able to identify with them, despite our having a huge range of job roles attending the conference. There was lots of audience participation, which meant everyone was engaged and the talk was delivered with a great sense of humour, winning over even the most sceptical delegates. The feedback from our staff was that it was the best event delivered to date, and Gavin’s talk was definitely a critical success factor in that.”

Maha Hamer, CLS Group Marketing Manager.

“We booked Gavin to join us for our bi-ennial conference as our keynote speaker. This is a prestigious event with a high-calibre of client so it is important to start the event off on the right foot. Gavin did exactly that by delivering a blend of thought provoking ideas as well as inspiration and motivation based on his wide experience in selling and negotiation. His enthusiasm and charisma was well-received and our audience will no doubt be talking about some of the principles discussed for some time to come. Thanks Gavin!”

Stephen Moore, Fix-A-Form

“We recently used Gavin’s skills to present at our recent Installer Conference and he very much exceeded all our expectations. Before his speech he researched our industry and listened to our needs and what we wanted to achieve as a company from Gavin speaking. Gavin gave us our ‘5 goals to sales success’ and that was fun, educational and inspiring and all our attendees went away learning new skills and fully motivated to put them into practise. We would recommend Gavin’s services to any company.”

Phil Hurley, Managing Director, Nibe

“My greatest challenge in organising our annual sales conference is, “Will the motivational speaker deliver?” With 200+ sales people to satisfy it’s a challenging task. Gavin did and MORE! He understood his audience, pitched the message perfectly and left them with a warm glow. Couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Declan Bermingham – Head of Operational Marketing, Neopost

“The theme at our recent European Sales Conference was “Delivering the Difference” and Gavin´s key note presentation was 100% spot on! With minimal background information, his ability to understand our corporation and its culture was both insightful and impressive to say the least. As a natural born salesman, Gavin instantly bonded with our senior sales delegates and his energy levels simply just blew everyone away.”

Bob Hitner – Communications Manager, European Marketing Centre, SMC Corporation Japan

“Thanks for your session on successful strategies for selling in tough markets presented at our recent trading conference at the Heythrop Park Hotel. Your energetic, entertaining style and thought-provoking ideas were just what was needed to kickstart the afternoon and the feedback from delegates suggests you hit just the right balance of enthusiasm and realism. Thanks for helping us deliver a great event.”

Peter Elliott, Head of Marketing, Bluefin

“Many thanks for such an inspiring session at the MOLLY MAID Setting Sale Conference. With all our Franchise Owners so engrossed in their business day in day out, they seldom have the luxury to take time out and review their whole presentation and approach to their customers. We’ve had an overwhelming response of congratulations for the Conference, and your key reminder to them to remain positive and upbeat to gain and keep customers will be one of the lasting messages.”

Jonathan Holden, Director Franchise Support, Molly Maid

“Choosing a ‘motivational’ speaker is always a perilous task for any Conference, but we made life doubly hard for Gavin by giving him the final slot of the day when the bar was calling! However, he delivered exactly what we asked for – a humorous, engaging presentation that kept the 200+ audience interested throughout and sent them away feeling positive about the opportunities in front of them. Gavin also took the time to understand our business and tailor his speech to provide real-life examples that the audience could immediately relate to. We were extremely impressed.”

Ben Howell, Communications Manager, Mint Financial Services

“Your positive and uplifting session made a very positive contribution to the whole day and helped to motivate the franchisees for the challenges ahead. All too often speakers tend to patronise and talk of how good they are – this was certainly not the case. Thank you. We have received excellent feedback from our guests on how much they enjoyed the day and the fact that this was their best conference ever.”

Berkeley Harris, Head of National Franchise Team, WPA

“Gavin delivered a tailored & highly motivating presentation training programme for our senior UK executives, over 3 days, with an intensive & illuminating workload. If you want to learn how to make interesting Powerpoint slides, don’t go to Gavin. If you want to learn how to change your mindset to become a powerful & confident presenter, one that can engage their audience & clearly convey their key messages & wanted outcomes, then Gavin is most definitely the man for you!
Our senior executives each presented to an audience of over 250 people shortly after spending time with Gavin. The marked improvements were massive, as evidenced by formal feedback from the delegates, most of whom had heard these presenters before, so were able to make direct comparisons. The skills & techniques learnt have stayed with them & are being implemented regularly in all presentations, big or small.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gavin. His ability to understand your business & get straight to the heart of matter is second to none & the results speak for themselves.”

Penny Randall, Operational Marketing Director, Renault Trucks UK Ltd

“The feedback from your keynote presentation at the ISMM’s conference Successful Selling was nothing short of fantastic. The delegates were entertained throughout and you provided great mix of tools and techniques to handle stubborn objections with passion and enthusiasm.”

Jennie Harnaman, Membership & Events Manager, ISMM

“Gavin, thanks for your inspirational keynote which challenged and inspired our audience to step out of their comfort zones and take action. Your delivery was excellent and the feedback said only one thing – first class. I would recommend you to any business looking for a top class keynote and I will most certainly be booking you again.”

Mike Walmsley, Chairman,

“A “How-To” with attitude that’s inspirational and easy to use. The perfect blend of mind-set, skills and techniques to maximise sales performance and create a winning sales team.”

Sally-Anne Greenfield, National President, Junior Chamber International United Kingdom

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about but I wish he’d have tidied his room as enthusiastically!”

Mrs. MC Ingham, Gavin’s Mum


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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:46

Coach Chris Browne

Coach Chris Browne at great British Speakers

 Coach Chris Browne is a man who lives with a passion to help others overcome their personal blocks in life especially in their careers and general work life.

His passion comes from his own experience of challenges that he had to overcome, and a realisation that this is transferable to many other challenges that we all have to deal with in life and work, therefore through his study of Personal Development combined with his experience he has helped many overcome their challenges to date.

‘Your competition is not with others, your competition is with you to become better today than you were yesterday, and just fantastic tomorrow’.

He delivers impactful talks and workshops on Effective Interview techniques, Potential and Direction, Career Goals, Employee Engagement, Confidence building, Effective Communication skills, and The Power of Teamwork, amongst other areas of development to organisations, and individuals of whom have given raving testimonies of having life-changing results in their work, careers, and personal lives after attending his workshops.

When it comes to interviewing skills he has perfected a style to help you overcome your fears and sell the better you.

Coach Chris Browne is also a resident Coach who appears weekly on Sky TV Chrissy B Show, UKs first number one mental health show, he shares information to assist viewers on subjects of Personal development and coping with challenges in the workplace.

Coach Chris has a history of a string of clients he has coached at his workshops who have broken through in major areas of their lives and careers.

He has hosted at the world famous Wembley Arena to a crowd of 11,500 to workshop groups of 15 for Business and Educational departments, and has also given talks internationally and spends time working as a Voiceover artist and also a volunteer helping with his local charity.

What to expect:

Coach Chris has a way of inspiring people to think and not judge, to gain confidence, to reach and achieve, to challenge oneself and break those limiting barriers.

His style of delivery has been commented on as fun but with a serious focus and has an impactful way of transmitting information that enhances and gives results to you and your team.

“It’s about, Inspiring Change for a Better You”.

Coach Chris Browne

Why Choose Chris?

Coach Chris has been much sought after for his unique style of delivery that gets results. He has facilitated workshops that have had amazing results. For example whilst facilitating an Employability workshop, 40 job seekers attended 3 days with Chris, 38 got jobs within a week and a half after.

Delivered Goal setting talks, which has set many to have a life change.

Coach Chris Browne with Chrissy B from Great British Speakers

Weekly resident Coach on Sky’s My Channel, The Chrissy B show touching the lives of many with good down to earth, life-changing, valuable, information to empower viewers in different areas of their life.

Also delivered inspirational sessions to high profile companies to individuals who need that extra to make things happen.

What’s in it for you!

Goal Setting – Breaking down your steps to reach your goal.

Motivation – Inspiration to keep you going.

Communication – Enhance who you are through effective Communication.

Confidence building – Assisting you to find your inner Confidence.

Team Building – Be a better team player.

Interview Techniques – Gain insightful interview techniques.

Clients:  Sky, Wembley Arena, Barclays, NIHERST, KPMG, CQC, NHS, Catalyst Training & Development, Metropolitan Police, Kingston University, Tower Hamlets College, CITI, Connexions, Job Centre Plus.

What the clients say:

"Thank you so much for being tonight's keynote. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to hear you speak - you are so inspirational - but more than that, you really do speak the truth".

Dr A P L Tang, MBPsS, Training Consultant

"‘I believe I gained so much and there is not enough words to explain it. I am very thankful for Coach Chris’s coaching sessions, as I was able to deal with my fears and move forward".

Client Christina

“I was so impressed with Coach Chris Browne when he first came on my show for the first time that I asked him to come on every week as our resident self-development coach. He has a way of making you believe that you can achieve anything and gives you the tools you need to get there. He is a fantastic person and genuinely cares”.

Chrissy B

"I was doubtful whether a Personal Development course would have any effect on me, and I must confess I was very wrong. You presented extremely well and engaged us from the start. Your anecdotes made me laugh, and your messages from beginning to end was inspirational.
You have been found guilty of changing my life for the better, I am now looking forward to a brighter more colourful future - look out world!! Thank you!"

Arshad Ali

"Coach Chris Browne helped me get my life back on track, gain confidence and feel good about myself again.
I now work with a reputed company Thomas Reuters in my home country with a clear picture about what I want from life. And I have been able to program my mind to achieve my goals all thanks to Chris and his guidance. He helped me get through a difficult time in my life, and for that I am forever grateful".

Client Hetal

"I would recommend Coach Chris Browne because his sessions are fun, inspirational and you are left feeling invincible!"

Client Florence

"Coach Chris Browne has walked into a room of 40 individuals of whom had just been laid off of work and after a 3 day inspirational workshop, 37 members of the group secured employment in the space of one and half weeks. He curtails his talks & workshops according to your need".

Workshop Attendee


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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 09:26

Caspar Berry

Caspar Berry motivational change innovation risk expert at Great British Speakers

Caspar Berry, a professional motivational and keynote speaker started his career early on as the lead in the first series of Byker Grove on BBC1 alongside Ant and Dec. He went on to read Economics and Anthropology at Cambridge and, after aiming to become a professional film writer – he was able to have his first screenplay produced by Film Four in his final year.

At the young age of twenty-three, Caspar was writing for Columbia Tri Star and Miramax. Merely two years later however he decided he needed a change in his life, which led him to Las Vegas where he became a professional poker player.

Caspar spent three years playing professionally and made a good living by using his wits against some of the best-known poker players. After his years in Vegas, he returned to the UK in 2002. Here he co-founded Twenty-First Century Media and built it into the fastest growing audiovisual media company in the North East of England.

While at twenty-first-century media he began his career as a speaker and catalyst for new thinking within business about risk-taking and decision-making. In 2008 he decided to sell Twenty-First Century Media to Bob Geldof’s media giant, Ten Alps.

He became a trainer for a company called The Mind Gym in 2005 who schooled him in the essential skills of delivery and facilitation. He then went at it on his own to become one of the best-known business speakers in the UK. He has delivered over 600 speeches over the last six years, for over 200 companies around the world.

His presentations focus on the need to embrace uncertainty and taking calculated risks in order to get ahead and achieve success. They are not sector specific and are therefore perfect for any training day or conference where new ideas need to be discussed or debated. He is very inspirational and stimulates change with his upbeat and energetic style.



The “original and genuine since 2005” in 45/60/90 minute forms.

It looks at the definition of a decision and the definition of a risk and asks how we make all our decisions and whether we could make them differently or better.

It identifies and defines the origins of fear of failure and concludes by advocating a technique to embrace this fear in order to motivate us to make more courageous decisions as a result.


This new speech communicates a powerful and effective message about with a how we approach life and how lucky we all really are.

It references Steven Covey’s circles of influence and control and a whole host of other subject areas – from the lottery to the holocaust – to motivate people to change the focus of their thinking away from that which is disempowering towards that which is proactive and galvanizing.


The processes of both innovation and creativity require hundreds of failures in order to create each success. AND more importantly, companies that innovate in this way are better equipped to survive long term change than those that do not.

Caspar uses the metaphor of Darwinian evolution to show that most brilliant system of adaptation to change – evolution – fails millions of times in order to create, unwittingly, the one mutation that facilitates the survival of the species.

In a world of continual change, thriving is not enough, we must now constantly adapt to survive.


What do great leaders do when they make decisions?

Caspar does not claim to be a great leader in fact he makes the point that it is very difficult to make truly great decisions because they must inevitably run the risk of personal sacrifice which is – by definition – terrifying for us all.

Ultimately, this speech looks at what courage and bravery are and uses material like the 7/7 testimonies (that is the extraordinary selflessness of a few random, normal people caught up in a disaster) to ask whether we all have courage within us and that in fact leaders are not born or made but the product of circumstance and humanity.


In many ways, one of Caspars most fascinating and emotional of all his new creations and – like all of them – highly relevant to business today.

It starts by examining the scientific source of uncertainty before looking at its effect on us all economically, psychologically and culturally.

It incorporates, Black Swans and principles of feedback and fractal mathematics before coming to a stunning conclusion: that a certain world would be a boring one! In fact, we realise when we conceive of this, that the decision-making process itself is about the constant engagement with uncertainty and it is this which gives us our very meaning as human beings.

We understand that – self-actualisation itself, that is the fulfilment of our potential on this planet – can only come from exposure to the greatest uncertainty. It is the way in which we rise to the challenge of the unknown that defines who we are!


Caspar uses this speech to see just how powerful our intuition is before applying that concept to all sorts of other areas of life most notably, obviously, poker and business.

It references Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink but takes the principles further by placing “judgement” – into the context of the decision-making process as a whole.

It shows people how to when intuition is good – like when Fangio uses it to avoid death – and when it is bad – like when we make very bad assessments of how safe it is to sunbathe. Crucially, like all the speeches, it shows us how we can make better decisions in the future, through anecdote, finding and fact.


This speech looks in more detail at all the other emotional distortions to which we fall a victim, all the time.

We’re scared of flying when the most dangerous part of any flight is the car journey to the airport and we’re all terrified of a terrorist attack when we’re 1000 times more likely to die of stroke.

This speech not only exposes many of the decisions we rationalise in business to be bunkum but it touches on the decisions that we make in life all time which don’t serve any of us very well at all.

Based on the science of behavioural economics, there is a health component to this (about how reckless apparently “risk averse” people are when it comes to diet) which ties in very neatly with other wellness concepts.


This speech is about why we do what we do?

Specifically, this speech is aimed at people who have to motivate and influence others (ssalespeopleand managers) in order to communicate the kinds of things which stimulate our subconscious mind to do things differently.

Why does the addition of mint chocolates with a bill increase the size of the tip?

Why are we more inclined to believe a man in a white coat?

What on earth is it that motivates people even more than money?

What does a bluffer do to make themselves more convincing? And how can we guard against them?

Drawing on a popular body of work at the moment which is known by many (but read by few) this speech makes the subject funny and engaging.


Google, SONY, Diageo, HP, Ogilvy, Accenture, Network Rail, Zurich, Audi, Shell, Sainsbury’s, Siemens, Western Union, British Airways, AIA, GASSCO, CISCO, Rothschilds, ESSO, Visa, Pepsico, Barclays, Orange, NEC, BSkyB, Sage, HSBC, Castrol, BP, Citigroup, RBS, Deutsche, Deloittes, BT, IBM, Tesco, O2, Roche, Morgan Stanley, BSkyB, & AXA, AON, BAA, Ebay, KPMG, G4S, Bank of Canada, Premier Foods, E.ON, Paypal, Procter & Gamble, ASDA, E & Y,

What the Clients say:

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