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Storyteller Andrew joins Great British Speakers!

Andrew Thorp storytelling speaker coach consultant at Great British Speakers

Leading storyteller Andrew Thorp is an award-winning speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of business storytelling. He works with senior leaders and salespeople to improve their external marketing message, but also with their broader workforce to encourage a more connected and productive company culture.

Companies often hire a branding/marketing agency to help define their message (Vision, Values, Purpose, etc) but it often fizzles out when the focus returns to the daily grind; people revert to a factual and forgettable version.

Andrew’s role is to help companies keep that story alive by working with the people who tell it, something he refers to as ‘Verbal PR’.

To see how Andrew can transform your brand or organisations profile, see Andrew's full bio page HERE and to book contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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