Anis Qizilbash

Anis Qizilbash mindfull sales speaker at Great British Speakers

How do you sell if you hate selling? An experienced salesperson and Mindful Sales speaker Anis Qizilbash knows cognitive tricks to make you stop procrastinating, overcome fears and appreciate your value. She helps businesspeople around the world create value for their clients, grow their businesses and - most importantly- achieve their goals. Individuals and companies alike have grown their sales, boosted performance, and gained renewed self-belief and motivation after a talk or workshop with Anis.

Through her interactive and inspiring keynotes, your team will not only discover simple strategies to break through blocks. They will be excited to implement them, too.

Anis’ calm energy appeals to non-sales professionals, helping them believe that they can sell, even if they’re not the typical brazen persona. In addition, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs and freelancers who’ve never sold before to gain confidence and clarity to grow their sales.

The mindfully energetic stage presence of speaker Anis Qizilbash will have you hanging on every word and leave the room excited and motivated to hit the ground running. She is the author of Mindful Selling and Grow Your Sales, Do What You Love and is featured for her insights in publications including The Guardian, Entrepreneur, Forbes, USA Today and Psychology Today.

Keynote Topics

One Breath Away: Discover the Difference Between Failure & Fortune in Sales

• What can make the difference in failure or fortune?

• Realise the difference between success and failure is just a breath away.

• Transform your interpersonal communication with a moment of mindful reflection to avoid reflexive mistakes.

• This talk is ideal for sales professionals looking to improve their communication.

Mindful Selling: Serve instead of sell

• Giving nurtures the soul; adding value to others creates deeper connection and meaning in your life.

• In Anis’ unique talk, she shows the audience how to serve instead of sell – in a way that increases sales, improves customer experience, strengthens relationships and cultivates balance in life.

• This talk is perfect not only for sales teams but also for non-sales teams, such as customer service, customer support and account managers.

Build Resilience, Restore Balance

• How do you manage stress so you stay productive?

• How do you bounce back from set-backs so you stay focussed?

• This talk is perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates.

How to manage your mind’s excessive negative chatter

• A lesson in everyday mindfulness to boost confidence, engagement and performance

• A great talk for busy entrepreneurs and corporates.

After hearing Anis’ talk you and your team will:

• Discover simple techniques that make an immediate impact in your day-to-day, transforming your mental readiness ahead of meetings and pitches

• Learn techniques on how to let-go of setbacks that typically derail your days so you can create new business opportunities

• Takeaway insights that make resilience relatable with practical examples and stories to help you move forward with your business

• Finally believe in their ability to sell and do the necessary activities to grow your bottom line

What clients say

A fantastic speaker – thorough, dedicated and insightful. She delivered the presentation faultlessly, was extremely authentic and our audience of business owners from a variety of sectors and business size found her “inspiring and uplifting”.

Paula Kemp, Business Breakthrough Manager, Santander UK

Inspires, engages and energises. Anis doesn’t talk at attendees but with them and that’s what make her talks so valuable. I would highly recommend Anis to anyone that is looking to grow their sales.

Lorna Bladen, Head of Events, Enterprise Nation

Inspiring. Empowering.

Isabel Oswell, Head of Business Audiences, British Library

Anis’ talk was empowering... I’m very reserved about selling, due to the perceived personality traits needed (which I don’t have!), Anis’ talk changed my opinion.

Events Manager, Ordnance Survey

Her ‘Mindful selling’ talks boosted confidence and productivity throughout. Working with Anis is a joy, she is flexible, adaptable and authentic.

Jade Coles, Head of Events, Soho House

I have been speaking on sales and sales management since 1970s. Anis has really given sales a whole new dimension. Her delivery and message is a winning one.

Don Hales, Chairman Awards International

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