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Remotely Speaking at Great British Speakers VLOG 5/8 - What are the benefits after the event?

Remotely Speaking isn't just a great event solution live, there are added benefits after your event...

Remotely Speaking connects our incredible speakers with your audience anywhere in the world by a thoroughly interactive service- It's like having them in the same room!

Here technical director Paul explains to Great British Speakers founder  Jane Farnham how Remotely Speaking provides numerous benefits after the event has ended.

To find out more about the benefits, customisation and the scalability of Remotely Speaking, go to our dedicated Remotely Speaking page HERE.


Remotely Speaking Audience at Great British Speakers 2017

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Who Are We?

Jane Farnham
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Great British Speakers is owned and managed by Jane Farnham & Steve Denison who have both been successful in the audio visual/broadcast business for many years so they fully understand your needs and expectations.