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Introducing Remotely Speaking from Great British Speakers!

Your Chosen Speaker, Anytime, Anywhere?

We've all experienced logistical nightmares when organising events. REMOTELY SPEAKING from Great British Speakers is specifically designed to help remove those barriers, allowing your chosen speakers to address your audience from any location in the world. 

To help explain how Remotely Speaking works,  we've launched 8 VLOG's, 1 every week for the next 2 months- here's Jane Farnham, founder of Great British Speakers to introduce the concept...

Remotely Speaking Audience at Great British Speakers 2017

Featured Speaker:

Who Are We?

Jane Farnham
Steve Denison

Great British Speakers is owned and managed by Jane Farnham & Steve Denison who have both been successful in the audio visual/broadcast business for many years so they fully understand your needs and expectations.