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Widely acknowledged as a thought leader in Talent Management, Russell brings an unrivalled level of passion and insight to everything he does. Having worked globally and with an unrivalled depth of experience across many industries, Russell thinks differently, challenges norms and envisages better ways of working.

A charismatic, inspirational and motivational public speaker Russell is at home considering broad strategic trends impacting the future of work and how we can future proof our businesses and careers; the business case for and how to enhance employee engagement; the challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce; appraising the appraisal process.

He considers wide-ranging issues impacting the world of Talent, bringing a depth of insight and thought-provoking challenge. Connecting the dots in a meaningful way,

Russell works with the senior leadership teams of companies of all sizes from FTSE100 to SMEs practically helping them better manage their most important asset, their people.

Amongst others, Russell has been the keynote speaker at the ACAS HR Leaders conference, at the launch of the Government sponsored Design Business skills initiative in Ireland, CIPD conferences, Talent Leaders Connect, Chamber of Commerce events, Royal Society of Chemistry annual conference and pro-Manchester.

In the words of an attendee to one of his keynote speeches: “Russell Beck is one of the business's influential speakers, having seen him speak several times I can honestly say I come away from his seminars filled with ideas and motivation. Russell knows his stuff and his delivery of his talks is second to none reaching all levels of his audience. His way of thinking challenges yet simplifies things - if you ever get a chance to work with or see Russell speak I urge you to as you will not be disappointed!”

Keynote Topics:

The first 3 typically run as insightful/motivational sessions across businesses and covering all mid and board level people which can be extended into workshops to embed learning if required. The lower three are more focused on HR or mid-level management across businesses:

2020 vision:

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Future proofing your business and your career: The world of work is changing and will soon be unrecognisable from what it is today. On one hand, we are told that robots will take our jobs, and yet on the other we are told that we will not be able to retire until we reach our late 70’s or even 80’s. How can that be compatible? From macro trends of urbanisation, demography and life expectancy to the ever-increasing capability of technology, our businesses are facing competition from seemingly everywhere and all at once. And for employees..... in 5 years there will be 5 billion people with smartphones accessing Wikipedia and every book ever written; how will you compete when there will always be someone cheaper, faster and maybe better than you?

Businesses and work as we know it will change significantly over the next 5 years, so what will happen and how can we future proof our businesses and our careers? By connecting the dots in a meaningful way, this seminar will consider these facts and more. And for every point made we will show where the future has already started to take shape, after all, ‘the future is already here.....’

The Generation Game:

1705 all seminars in a box 2  There are already four generations in the workplace, and soon to be five. 'They' say that Gen Y are flighty and that the older generations make more mistakes. 'They' call Generation Y the 'me, me, me' generation yet Time Magazine thinks they will change the world. What are the Generations, what are their differences, how do they view work, what do they each value in work? Pulling on the latest research and background information, this seminar considers all of these factors and more. Looking at the different behavioural traits of each, together with the political, cultural and technological factors that impacted each, we will consider where their strengths lie, the respective value propositions to drive motivation and potential areas of inter-generational conflict.

Employee Engagement:

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The UK has an employee engagement problem. Only 20% of the working population are actively engaged, with the same percentage being actively disengaged. And the remainder? They can be summed up in a single word, ‘Whatever.’ Engagement is a term we all know but few can really define it, so what is it all about, and so what? This seminar will remove the ambiguity of ‘employee engagement’ and turn it into your competitive advantage by using real terms, real evidence and realistic solutions by considering:

· What engagement actually is

· With concrete real-life examples from the corporate world, we will build a business case for engagement and the bottom-line impact an engaged workforce can bring

· ‘Carrot or stick?’ what comes first engagement or performance?

· How engagement is typically measured, and the pitfalls that often arise

· 8 tangible areas that are proven to increase the engagement of the workforce

By the end of the seminar, you will have the information to build an action plan to improve engagement, how to better measure it and, know how to justify its value.

Appraising the Appraisal process:

1705 all seminars in a box 1 However you look at it, how we currently appraise and measure people is broken; few look forward to the event; few gain from it and research show that those who come out as being the company’s best performers are (in 66% of cases) not actually the best. As one guru has stated appraisals are an “expensive and complex way of making people feel unhappy.”

Yet measuring our people feels right, we are measured from an early age and so expect to have that continue when we move into business. Our staff want feedback and want to improve; business has a vested interest in making this happen and yet all too often the current process singularly fails to deliver. How can we square this circle?

This seminar will consider all of this, looking at:

· The historical context – quite how did we end up where we are?

· Why the current system fails

· What are we actually trying to achieve

· A plan, with simple defined steps on what you can tangibly do to make it better

By the end of the session, we will show how performance management can increase engagement in your workforce (by up to 40%) and how you can turn a stodgy, annual process into your competitive advantage.

Why do people leave their jobs and how can we get them to stay?

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Collectively we spend a fortune on attracting, selecting and hiring staff but, often, the costs of attrition dwarf the costs of attraction. The quality of insight into why has not been great but, recent advances in ‘Workforce Science’ and ‘Big Data’ have enabled greater insights into the reasons behind why employees leave. This Seminar reviews the recent research, highlight the reasons why, give tangible insight into what you can do and yes, it will define quite how much impact the Line Manager has on attrition (a lot). It then builds on this and if we know why people are leaving, looks at what motivates people and thus how we can get them to stay.

What the clients Say:

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Virgin discovered that poor candidate experience was costing them £4.5million a year. Research shows that poor candidate experience will have an impact on both your future ability to hire talent and indeed your future customer base. In this seminar, we look at candidate experience, what it actually means, its business impact, how to measure the cost of providing a poor experience candidate and above all, how to improve it. The session will end with 10 tangible takeaways to consider to improve how candidates are managed today.

What The Clients Say:

“Great effort today Russell, a pleasure to listen to a professional at work”

Group Finance Director

“I have attended two seminars delivered and presented by Russell and found them both to realistic and up to date with the challenges faced today with managing, recruiting and retaining people. The content is clear, delivery is excellent and the forum is targeted at the right audience who can share ideas and experiences. Well worth the time to listen to these topics”

Board Director

“First class seminar. Speaker, subject, content, first class. In fact I have been to many of these and this ranks top 3 I have been to in the last 10 years.”

Board Director

“Seminar was really good and Russell is a powerful presenter! After having worked with different companies and even being involved in employee satisfaction surveys, don’t think I have seen any company analysing the workforce in this manner.”

Senior Manager

“Russell as always provides interesting information, ideas to take away and put into practise. He is an interesting and engaging presenter. Always enjoy listening to him.”

Group HRD

“Russell is an exceptional speaker and the topics he presents are well chosen ie current and relevant. I really can not suggest or provide additional ideas as what he presents is perfect and after leaving the event always feel motivated.”

Group HRD

For more details on Russell's availability and rates please contact Jane at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289 

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