Inge Woudstra

 Inge Woudstra gender diversity expert at Great British Speakers

Inge is an expert in gender smart working and the author of ‘Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women’ and has a passionate, engaging style. She is an inspiring speaker, with a message that resonates with both (leading) women and senior managers: ‘stop changing women, start changing organisations’

Inge has a unique take on gender diversity. She has reviewed bio-psychological and brain research to find those gender differences that are relevant in the workplace. She applies those to solve the enigma of the lack of women in senior positions and in the pipeline, and gives real examples on how to move forward and not just keep women in but also leverage what they bring.

She is a highly qualified speaker, facilitator and tutor, and experienced panel moderator, researcher and consultant.

Her talks are highly interactive, with personal stories, statistics, discussion, fresh ideas and insights and some truly practical actions.

Inge’s talks are ideal if you are looking to:

- Change mind sets

- Increase gender awareness

- Boost women’s confidence

- Engage men, women and leaders in Diversity & Inclusion

- Leverage talent

- Build mutual respect

- Inspire effective new steps towards gender balance

Keynote topics:

- Gender Smart Working – for mixed gender teams

- Gender Smart Leadership – for managers and team leaders

- Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women

- Motivational talks for women and mothers

- How can Women best Advance?

- Am I my own worst enemy? – for Women

- S.x and neurons at work – applying gender difference to team performance – for mixed gender teams

10 min – 1 hour talk, which can be as interactive as you like, or can be extended to a 2-3 hour workshop. Inge is highly skilled in class room work as well as working with large groups (40-300 people). She is an experienced panel moderator.



With W2O Consulting & Training Inge designs and runs events, workshops and training programmes helping organisations retain and develop female talent. She has a special interest in using gender intelligence to enable both genders to contribute effectively.

Previously she has worked for nearly two decades as a Business Consultant at Siemens in Cultural and Organisational Change and in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Ashridge Business School, Shell and Chatham House. So she brings first-hand experience of working in male dominated organisations and understands the need for business outcomes.

Inge is originally Dutch and has lived and/or worked in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Canada, India and Oman. For the past 12 years she has lived and worked in the UK. As a mother she has experience with full-time working, part-time working, working from home and running her own business.

Qualifications and Associations

MSc Business Management, Psychology A&B, Creative Facilitation, Facilitating Action Learning Sets, Brain Friendly learning and Inspirational Speaking, , Licensed MBTI facilitator, Licensed ‘Renew You’ Trainer.

Member of CIPD Member of the British Psychological Society, associate at The Art of Work, associate at JUMP Diversity Academy, mentor at the Professional Women’s Network

Why hire Inge?

Inge brings:

- A new angle on gender diversity with a focus on leveraging gender difference so it links to bringing your best self to work, winning business, and creating a culture where people feel valued and can be productive

- A way to engage men as well as women in gender issues so that men see themselves as part of the solution

- A fresh take on recruiting women, building the female talent pipeline and achieving gender balance

- Focus on practical action and tangible results for your audience

Inge Woudstra Gender leadership expert speaker at Great British Speakers

Recent clients

Total, EDF Luminus, Intel, Avaya, Ashurst, Flemish Government, International Project Management Association, CIPD, Shell, The Academy for Chief Executives and the NHS

Recently spoken in: The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Oman

Retailers, Designers, Manufacturers, Logistics, Associations, Retail, Fashion, Landlords and services, 

What clients say:

“Inge delivered a very insightful and powerful talk. The views and topics discussed were backed up with factual research which really resounded with our group..”

Stacy Smolinski, Women’s Network at Shell

“Inge gave a great presentation based on her refreshing and innovative approach "Being Gender Smart". Inge is a very enthousiastic speaker and challenged our conventional ways of thinking. Inge succeeded to engage the participants and her workshop transformed our anniversary event into a very inspirational session.”

Evy Schools, Business Development Manager, Total

"Inge delivered a thoroughly professional, thought provocative and stimulating session. The workshop was repeated twice during the afternoon and both slots overran due to numerous questions and interesting debate generated by the participants. I would thoroughly recommend Inge as a speaker or facilitator at any workshop related to gender and diversity."

Nina Wilson, Director Client Service, Avaya

“Inge is very approachable and responsive to work with and tailors what she provides to what is requested. Her area of expertise could not be more relevant for anyone needing to focus on better gender balance.”

Deborah Dalgleish, Ashurst

“It has made me seriously think about how I deal with male and female staff, and given me a better insight as to why some things have not worked as well as they could have in the past. Now I feel I have new tools to tackle those situations with”

Carl Rowbottom, Radiotherapy Physics, Group Leader, NHS


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