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Gavin Ingham at Great British Speakers

As Europe’s NO 1 motivational speaker on mental toughness, Gavin helps his clients to use the “I am 10” approach to be more, do more & have more. With a straight-talking approach to mindset change, he will help leaders, salespeople and business owners to get better results in business and in life.

He has given over 1,200 paid talks to over 150,000 delegates, he has spoken in nearly every county in England, all over Europe and in the US and Africa. He has appeared on US TV networks ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox on the “Brian Tracy TV Show”.

He is a judge for the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) and has spoken three times at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s (ISMM) conference. Gavin's expertise has been sought out by multi-nationals that include UBS, The Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft and Renault Trucks...he really knows what it takes to give you a good event and get the results you are looking for.

Author & Blogger:

Gavin is the author of three books and numerous multi-media programmes including the ground-breaking “Sales Juice”.

He is the founder of the “I am 10” success philosophy and his insights, tips and advice are shared by high-performing professionals, business leaders and organisations around the world to achieve commercial success.

Gavin's blog is one of the top 25 sales blogs in the world and he has contributed to leading industry magazines such as the ISMM’s Winning Edge magazine, the national press (including the Guardian and the Financial Times) and TV.

Gavin's Mission:

His passion is to understand what makes high-performance teams and individuals tick. Is it positivity and mindset? Skills and techniques? Having the right people? The right leadership? The company and product? Is it persuasive pitches and personality? Structure? Adding value and customer engagement? Technology? Or is there another factor?

He believes what truly differentiates top performers is mental toughness, or remaining confident and persevering with the right actions when others give up and go home. Gavin has dedicated his life to discovering, unlocking and teaching these keys through the simple yet powerful “I am 10” approach, so that anyone can use them to be more successful in business and in life...

As a dynamic, straight-talking motivational speaker, I provoke audiences to think about business and life in a whole new way. My mantra ‘I am 10’ and my practical strategies for taking positive action ensure that delegates can take control of their businesses and their lives.

Gavin understands the fears and obstacles his clients face and draws on real life experiences to show you how to achieve results irrespective of external events such as competition, tough markets and personal circumstances. He’s often referred to as a “catalyst” by clients because of his ability to educate and inspire groups whilst challenging their perceived roadblocks and motivating them to action.

His fusion of real life stories, take-home strategies and straight-talking (He's from Yorkshire after all!) delivery style connects with audiences, giving them both the mindset and the skills to make a difference when they get back into the work-place and at home.

Gavin Ingham Mental Toughness speaker at Great British Speakers


“I am 10” – be more, do more and achieve more in your business and in your life.

“This dynamic and engaging talk will get your people motivated and inspired and leave them buzzing long after your event is over. The “I am 10” philosophy will leave a lasting impact helping your people to build confidence, increase mental toughness and grow your business.

Life has changed. Business is more challenging. What once worked, does not work any more. Many people are working harder than ever – spinning plates, frazzled, putting in the hours – but are unable to make the progress that they once made. Here’s the thing...

Good enough is not good enough any more. If you want success, you need to be the best that you can be. You need to be a “10”. This is the philosophy I have taught over 150,000 people over the last 15 years, helping them to get phenomenal results – in business and in life.

I will show your people how to be make the quantum leap to world-class performance and achieve more, at work and at home. Packed full of proven techniques they can apply to build high performance teams, sell more and create the lives they want, this is laugh out loud talk that will guarantee that you have a great event.” - Gavin.

“I am 10” Sales – be more, do more, sell more

The sales keynote at your next event needs to inspire your salespeople to be the best, to build unshakeable belief in your products and services, and to motivate them to take massive action. It needs to get them talking about how they can be outstanding and sharing what they can do to make more sales. And it needs to be delivered by a proven speaker who can engage, challenge and connect; guaranteeing you a great event.

From total newbies to experienced and seasoned, sales superstars your sales teams will recognise his ‘in the trenches’ experience from sales rookie to European top seller and he shares with them his “I am 10” mental toughness principles, so that they can start applying straight away to reach more clients, build long-term relationships, create more value and close more deals.

Packed full of proven techniques and real-world strategies this high energy, laugh out loud talk will set your next conference alight and give your sales teams the tools and skills they need to shrug off difficult markets, bounce back in the face of rejection, be more proactive and targeted, win more profitable clients, negotiate value based deals, and make more sales in any economy.

“I am 10” Leadership – be more, do more, lead more

Achieve your goals by believing in and valuing yourself. From the biggest lies we tell ourselves to multi-media addiction, from delusions about ability to claims about our motivation, we all find it difficult to realise our ambitions. He shares real-world strategies and concepts that will help motivate and inspire your people to be more successful by dreaming bigger and knowing how to make those dreams a reality.

This programme will show you and your people how to control their emotions, avoid common pitfalls, be more motivated, improve efficiency, lead more effectively and achieve business and personal goals. It will demonstrate how critical thinking can empower you to achieve success by asking more powerful, challenging questions of themselves and others and adopting a winning mindset to build winning beliefs that deliver results.

In his usual storytelling style, he shares fascinating insights into how the thinking patterns of top performers are different and how you can leverage these to achieve personal and cultural change. If you want your people to embrace the impossible and make it possible then this is the keynote for you.

“I am 10” Influence – be more, do more, share more

Do you find it difficult to achieve real connection with your customers, clients, employees or stakeholders? Do your presentations lack the impact you would like them to have? Do you believe that your communications to clients, teams and stakeholders could be more influential?

Most communication techniques taught to leaders, salespeople and communicators are all about using the left brain, which controls reason and logic; they teach structures, how to say the right stuff and how to communicate the right points. Great communicators naturally use right brain emotion to connect, communicate, influence and persuade – and this is the bit that really matters.

Getting people to open up to you emotionally, whether that is your family, your clients or your colleagues, is the key to encouraging them to take action. The old adage that ‘facts tell and stories sell’ is more relevant now than ever. Communication and influence is not about keeping your cards close to your chest; the more you share, the more you will receive. Gavin uses his ‘Story Selling’ principles to practically illustrate how you can have emotional resonance with the people you want to influence so that they not only remember your stories, but take action and pass them on.

If you are a leader, salesperson or just someone who wants to communicate more effectively, this keynote is a must.

Clients include: Bosh, Microsoft, 02, RBC, & Jaguar.

What the clients say:

“Gavin is one of the top motivational coaches in the United Kingdom. He has got a fantastic message about how you can get more out of yourself in every part of your life. He is extremely dynamic, he has high energy, and he asks thought-provoking questions that help people to re-order their thinking about themselves and their possibilities.”

Brian Tracy, Top Selling Author Of Over 70+ Books Including “Maximum Achievement”, “Eat That Frog”, & “The Psychology Of Selling”.

“What do you look for when you look for a conference speaker? If it’s someone inspirational, engaging and thought-provoking then Gavin is your man. His style of delivery was loved by our delegates and the content was tailored to give them strategies that they will be able to use back in the work place to win more sales. People were buzzing with ideas after his talk. Working with Gavin was easy too as he took the time to understand our brief, our audience and our industry thus ensuring that his talk was right on the money. Book him for your next event.”

Gordon Glenister, Director General, BPMA

“Taking a risk by hiring your keynote/guest speaker from searching the web and viewing LinkedIn recommendations could be seen as extremely foolhardy. However I am delighted to say it was one of the best risks I have taken. Gavin’s presentation was absolutely on the mark... motivational, inspirational and full of take-away-tools for our teams. I am also convinced our ROI will be many fold as our Sales teams put his 5.5 steps into action and look forward to working with him again.”

Liz Carnell, Director, The Venue Experience Team.

“We hired Gavin to speak at our sales meeting in Amsterdam. Gavin has proven to be a great speaker and motivator, our sales force went away feeling inspired and reenergized.”

Suzanne Van Ardenne, Marketing Manager, Crocs

See Gavin in action:

“Gavin is high energy, tremendously entertaining, and relates to all audiences. He opens a meeting with positive energy and great humor.”

Elaine Macy, Exec VP, Global Group Sales, Preferred Hotels.

“Gavin’s keynote injected massive energy into our event and got everyone enthused from the get-go. His messages are simple, powerful and universal, so everyone was able to identify with them, despite our having a huge range of job roles attending the conference. There was lots of audience participation, which meant everyone was engaged and the talk was delivered with a great sense of humour, winning over even the most sceptical delegates. The feedback from our staff was that it was the best event delivered to date, and Gavin’s talk was definitely a critical success factor in that.”

Maha Hamer, CLS Group Marketing Manager.

“We booked Gavin to join us for our bi-ennial conference as our keynote speaker. This is a prestigious event with a high-calibre of client so it is important to start the event off on the right foot. Gavin did exactly that by delivering a blend of thought provoking ideas as well as inspiration and motivation based on his wide experience in selling and negotiation. His enthusiasm and charisma was well-received and our audience will no doubt be talking about some of the principles discussed for some time to come. Thanks Gavin!”

Stephen Moore, Fix-A-Form

“We recently used Gavin’s skills to present at our recent Installer Conference and he very much exceeded all our expectations. Before his speech he researched our industry and listened to our needs and what we wanted to achieve as a company from Gavin speaking. Gavin gave us our ‘5 goals to sales success’ and that was fun, educational and inspiring and all our attendees went away learning new skills and fully motivated to put them into practise. We would recommend Gavin’s services to any company.”

Phil Hurley, Managing Director, Nibe

“My greatest challenge in organising our annual sales conference is, “Will the motivational speaker deliver?” With 200+ sales people to satisfy it’s a challenging task. Gavin did and MORE! He understood his audience, pitched the message perfectly and left them with a warm glow. Couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Declan Bermingham – Head of Operational Marketing, Neopost

“The theme at our recent European Sales Conference was “Delivering the Difference” and Gavin´s key note presentation was 100% spot on! With minimal background information, his ability to understand our corporation and its culture was both insightful and impressive to say the least. As a natural born salesman, Gavin instantly bonded with our senior sales delegates and his energy levels simply just blew everyone away.”

Bob Hitner – Communications Manager, European Marketing Centre, SMC Corporation Japan

“Thanks for your session on successful strategies for selling in tough markets presented at our recent trading conference at the Heythrop Park Hotel. Your energetic, entertaining style and thought-provoking ideas were just what was needed to kickstart the afternoon and the feedback from delegates suggests you hit just the right balance of enthusiasm and realism. Thanks for helping us deliver a great event.”

Peter Elliott, Head of Marketing, Bluefin

“Many thanks for such an inspiring session at the MOLLY MAID Setting Sale Conference. With all our Franchise Owners so engrossed in their business day in day out, they seldom have the luxury to take time out and review their whole presentation and approach to their customers. We’ve had an overwhelming response of congratulations for the Conference, and your key reminder to them to remain positive and upbeat to gain and keep customers will be one of the lasting messages.”

Jonathan Holden, Director Franchise Support, Molly Maid

“Choosing a ‘motivational’ speaker is always a perilous task for any Conference, but we made life doubly hard for Gavin by giving him the final slot of the day when the bar was calling! However, he delivered exactly what we asked for – a humorous, engaging presentation that kept the 200+ audience interested throughout and sent them away feeling positive about the opportunities in front of them. Gavin also took the time to understand our business and tailor his speech to provide real-life examples that the audience could immediately relate to. We were extremely impressed.”

Ben Howell, Communications Manager, Mint Financial Services

“Your positive and uplifting session made a very positive contribution to the whole day and helped to motivate the franchisees for the challenges ahead. All too often speakers tend to patronise and talk of how good they are – this was certainly not the case. Thank you. We have received excellent feedback from our guests on how much they enjoyed the day and the fact that this was their best conference ever.”

Berkeley Harris, Head of National Franchise Team, WPA

“Gavin delivered a tailored & highly motivating presentation training programme for our senior UK executives, over 3 days, with an intensive & illuminating workload. If you want to learn how to make interesting Powerpoint slides, don’t go to Gavin. If you want to learn how to change your mindset to become a powerful & confident presenter, one that can engage their audience & clearly convey their key messages & wanted outcomes, then Gavin is most definitely the man for you!
Our senior executives each presented to an audience of over 250 people shortly after spending time with Gavin. The marked improvements were massive, as evidenced by formal feedback from the delegates, most of whom had heard these presenters before, so were able to make direct comparisons. The skills & techniques learnt have stayed with them & are being implemented regularly in all presentations, big or small.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gavin. His ability to understand your business & get straight to the heart of matter is second to none & the results speak for themselves.”

Penny Randall, Operational Marketing Director, Renault Trucks UK Ltd

“The feedback from your keynote presentation at the ISMM’s conference Successful Selling was nothing short of fantastic. The delegates were entertained throughout and you provided great mix of tools and techniques to handle stubborn objections with passion and enthusiasm.”

Jennie Harnaman, Membership & Events Manager, ISMM

“Gavin, thanks for your inspirational keynote which challenged and inspired our audience to step out of their comfort zones and take action. Your delivery was excellent and the feedback said only one thing – first class. I would recommend you to any business looking for a top class keynote and I will most certainly be booking you again.”

Mike Walmsley, Chairman,

“A “How-To” with attitude that’s inspirational and easy to use. The perfect blend of mind-set, skills and techniques to maximise sales performance and create a winning sales team.”

Sally-Anne Greenfield, National President, Junior Chamber International United Kingdom

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about but I wish he’d have tidied his room as enthusiastically!”

Mrs. MC Ingham, Gavin’s Mum


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