Garth Delikan


From media advertising, to change management for corporates, to personal development and lifestyle coaching...Garth has been there, done that – and can still fit in the T-Shirt!

For over 25 years, Garth has dedicated himself to bringing you the very best tips and techniques to live an extraordinary life.

With numerous TV appearances, live radio shows and newspaper articles and an endless list of Blue chip clients, he is really are on top of his game - now let him help you to get on top of yours!

If you’re looking for an expert on Lifestyle – health, exercise, nutrition, attitude and goals – ask the Lifestyle Guy!

Garth not only works in corporate and education environments but with individuals and is comfortable in the broadcast media too having had his own radio show and appearing on BBC TV, Sky News and been interviewed on the Chrissy B Show.

To Start: The three questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Are you where you want to be in your life or business?

2) If not, why not?

3) What are you doing about it and how’s it working out for you?

If you’re not happy with your answers that’s where Garth comes in!

KeyNote Topics:

Confident Life Skills

Develop and perfect the presentation, confidence and communication skills and techniques of your staff, sales or marketing team.

It’s been said that people make a judgement on someone within the first 7 SECONDS of meeting them!

Now imagine that being amplified by a roomful of your clients! You’ve then got 90 seconds to reinforce that judgement!

Research has proven that the first 90 seconds of any conversation, whether it lasts 10 minutes or 20 minutes is the “MAGIC MOMENT” when all relevant information is taken in and absorbed!

Knowing how to “read the signals” and also give out the “correct signals” WILL be the difference between success or failure. Learn how in this fun and interactive workshop on effective body language workplace and lifestyle behaviour.

Managing Workplace Stress, Emotion, Physical, & Nutritional

Surviving on coffee and banking on a miracle?

It’s long been acknowledged and accepted that a little bit of POSITIVE stress in your life is actually good for you. Being under pressure can help to motivate you and keep your energy and interest levels high for the task at hand and gives you a certain edge! It’s when that stress becomes too prolonged and constant that it becomes a NEGATIVE force and that’s when it can really cause problems, not just at work but also in your private life.

Addressing key emotional issues and learning to relax is the key to everything. In this workshop we’ll teach you useful and incredibly effective techniques for relaxing mind and body. He’ll teach you how food can impact on not only your energy levels but also your moods. And finally, we’ll show you how exercise doesn’t have to mean long hours at the gym and how all these things can easily and effortlessly be incorporated into a healthy work life balance.

Personal Safety Awareness

An hour of your life...that could save your life!

We specialise and run workshops on “Personal Safety Awareness” for men and women with the prime directive being AVOIDANCE through AWARENESS and not getting into that situation in the first place, although we do show you a few “funky” moves that require no special strength or technique, that ANY PERSON

can use if they should find themselves trapped to gain yourself those precious two or three seconds to get to a place of safety.

The course also provides a solid opportunity for team building and boosting company morale, especially in this economic climate.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body

Forget everything you see or read in the media!

Learn how:
• The how's and why's of weight gain - we all do it, now it's time to learn why!
• What the glycaemic index and carbohydrates mean to you and your body.
• How to get the physical activity you need - without spending hours in the gym!
• The secrets behind the psychology of eating - when, where, how, and why we must.
• The Giant Myths you've been taught about fat - hint: it's not what you think!
• The truth behind manufacturer's food labels - you only think you've been buying healthy!

Why choose Garth as your expert?

Because Garth has delivered workshops and training on confidence building, body language, managing workplace stress, lifestyle, nutrition, wellbeing and personal safety awareness to many UK corporates nationwide including BAE Systems, Astra Zeneca, Barcap, BP, Anglo American, Diageo, Imperial Tobacco and many London advertising agencies.

For more information please contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289

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