Beatrice Freeman

Beatrice Freeman speaker comedian motivator at Great British Speakers

With a background in opera, Beatrice Freeman's presence on stage is unique.

In 2008, Beatrice decided it was time to move away from Opera and retrain. As a result of the British recession at the time, Beatrice focused her attention on marketing and started working in cybersecurity. The objective was to raise cybercrime awareness and it required her to network extensively. In the process, she established herself as a top networking strategist and was interviewed in the national press. It resulted in workshop requests and this is how her company 'Personal Connection' was born. She published her top tips on building a sustainable network in the book “Introverts Make Better Networkers: How Anyone Can Succeed at Networking”.

Beatrice is also Regional Winner of the 2017 Professional Speaking Association Speaker Factor. As an After-Dinner Speaker, she impresses with her stage presence, gentle humour and original material based on her previous careers. As a Motivational Speaker, in her keynote “Success – And How To Get There”, she draws on her diverse experience and inspires to take ownership of your life by challenging commonplace myths and processes.

“I roared with laughter”; “very engaging”; “full of surprises”;

“Beatrice is different. She is warm and generous, but she takes no prisoners. She inspired me to fight for my dreams.”

“Brilliant, brilliant and brilliant - thank you so much for speaking at our ASIS seminar in the City and delivering you more than a humorous story in tandem with an operatic song. You were a huge hit with the membership and guests. Hopefully, we can entice you back.”

Beatrice learned the hard way all the things she is famous for. She had to go through fundamental change and face enormous obstacles. In the process, she discovered what works and what’s an illusion. Now she is on a mission to empower. We take far too many things for granted and we severely underestimate what we CAN do about it. You don’t have to agree to be what others think you should be. You don’t have to agree to be trapped in your background. And you certainly don’t have to accept that bizarre idea that youth is what counts in life more than anything else.

Also, we need more laughter. After seven years in cyber, Beatrice knows that it’s not the Internet of Things that is the answer. It’s the belly laugh. With disasters constantly being reported, worry, fear and anger have overtaken our lives. We must laugh more. Life is so full of unexpected nonsense that if you see it from a different angle, you’ll laugh. Having gained a very wide perspective throughout her multiple careers, including comedy clubs, Beatrice is well equipped to help you laugh at it all.


1. Resilience.

2. A woman in a male-dominated profession.

3. Following your dream and retraining later in life.

4. After-dinner storyteller: the operatic stage and what being a diva really is (mishaps and adventures).

5. Accessible opera: Beatrice sings a set of opera arias that are known from TV adverts; each aria with a few words of introduction.

6. Networking workshops: focusing on live events and mastering every step of the process. Top tips from her book, “Introverts Make Better Networkers – How Anyone Can Succeed at Networking”.


Motivational – “Resilience”

• Co-op Headquarters, finance managers’ monthly event, 27th Feb. 2018


• ASIS the Global Association of Security Professionals, annual counterterrorism seminar in the City of London, 13thSept. 2017

•World Retail Forum (with eBay, IBM, Shell, Adidas, Puma, Lidl, Hershey, Forbes, Google) in Amsterdam on 16th March 2018. (stand-up comedy with opera singing: 30-min comedy act "The Frustrated Opera Diva").

• CBI, Small Business event, 6th Sept 2017

• 6 business clubs in London and Birmingham (annual meetings; anniversary celebrations; launches) August – December 2017


• Charity fundraisers: The House of Lords, Barclay’s Headquarters in Canary Wharf, Hereford Castle; Great Ormond Hospital; Sparks; West London Churches for the Homeless; Family First; small charities for rehoming pets (2010-2017)

Networking training

• Warwick Business School MBAs (twice); Wasabi Sushi; Ella Forums (twice); PayPal; Co-op Finance; Quadrant Chambers (August 2018 –)

What the clients say:

Beatrice is an inspiring speaker, bringing a surprising and refreshing touch with her personal artistic performances. I thoroughly enjoyed Beatrice when she took the stage at the end of a long business seminar and took the attendees on a voyage through her personal experiences using a unique combination of operatic singing and stand-up comedy.

It was an unconventional and refreshing experience that lifted spirits, made people smile and was rewarded with a long ovation by all attendees. Do consider rounding of your event with one of Beatrice's performances.

Louis de Bruin - Blockchain Leader Europe at IBM Digital Operations

I invited Beatrice to perform as a stand up comedian at one of the events, I produced-World Retail Forum, March 15-16, Amsterdam. I must say she was a delight to work with and she prepares well for her performance by understanding her audience and their background, especially when she had to perform for executives from top global companies like IBM, Google, Hershey, Shell and Lidl. Beatrice’s stand up comedy was really refreshing. The uniqueness of her performance is - she can sing Opera as well. Yes, you heard it right, she can do live Opera as good as her comedy, which I am sure only a handful of people can do. It was much like a story, just great, funny, silly (clever) comedy - no pretence, no politics and no defaming. We definitely had a good laugh!

Dr. Rashmi Kurmati, Event Production Manager, Corporate Parity

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