Andrew Priestley

Andrew Priestley award winning leadership coach at Great British Speakers

Andrew Priestley is a multi-award winning business leadership coach; ranked in the top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentors 2017; best selling author and speaker. Qualified in Industrial and Organisational Psychology he talks enthusiastically about a broad range of fascinating topics including business leadership, fast uplift business growth, core fundamental human values, motivation, goal setting and building neurones for success for peak performers.

Andrew is entertaining, instructive, challenging and always relevant.

Andrew Priestley leadership coach at Great British Speakers

Clients consistently report that the takeaway, action items and pass on value are relevant and immense. Being qualified in business psychology, Andrew is an in-demand speaker because his next steps are plain language, clear and practical. Invariably, you will walk away with ideas for quick wins - things that you can implement in the next 24 hours - 7days; and ideas for quantum leaps in the next 90 days - 12 months.

As an example, Andrew does a lot of talking on awareness, self-talk and mind chatter - inner game issues that notoriously inhibit success and peak performance. He ’downloads’ a simple piece of mental software that has been used by individuals worldwide. The same tool has been used by countless companies as an invaluable piece of cultural ‘software’. This has been applied to management teams, sales cultures right through to high-end compliance cultures where safety comes at a premium. His skill is making a very complex idea simple to understand.

In every case, Andrew combines theory, best-practice, stories, case studies, humour and on-the-spot coaching to deliver a powerful presentation that leaves audiences delighted, informed and buzzing.

Andrew is in the top 2% of fee-earning coaches and has racked up over 26,000 coaching hours with a broad range of global clients across a diverse range of industries. To put that into context an airline pilot has racked up about 14,000 flying hours. Basically, you are in very safe hands.”

Keynote topics:

Peak performance 101 - what do you want; which way are you headed?

Now/where/how strategies

One day to right now strategies,

The strategic bridge and success in just moves only

The multi-million pound Vision mapping process - What does the dream look like? > dreams to goals > goals to goals to steps > Steps to tasks > tasks to deadlines.


His books The Money Chimp (budgeting for millennials); Starting! (how to stress test the assumptions in your business), Awareness (brain training for peak performers) are routinely in and out of the UK top 20 business books.

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